Top 10 Powerful Lines of Teachers

Top 10 Powerful Lines of Teachers

Most of us are products of teachers who have their own powerful lines that left an imprint to us until now. These powerful lines are what made us who we are at present. Even though we do not understand these lines before but now it is worth thinking.

Here are the top 10 powerful lines of teachers worth sharing:

1. “Papunta pa lang kayo, pabalik na kami.” (You’re still on your way there, while we are already going back)

This means that teachers are capable and are knowledgeable. Seasoned teachers are the most valuable ones. They are those that stood strong in the test of times.

2. “Kayo ang gumagawa ng grado ninyo.” (You made your own grades)

Teachers try to tell the students that their grades are the result of their hard work.

3. “Gamitin ang utak bago ang puso.” (Use your brain first before you heart)

Teachers try to tell this to those students who enter relationship early.

4. “Your grade is in the tip of my ball pen.”

Sometimes, teachers have to be stiff on the outside for the students to maintain their respect. This quote is so powerful that students will find time to start studying in advance.

5. “Walang maling opinyon.”

Teachers use this during classroom discussion/interactions with the students. To encourage the students to raise their opinions on a certain topic, this powerful line is a big help.

6. “Kung oras ng klase, oras ng klase hindi yung kung saan saan kayo nadadali.”

Some teachers need to always remind their students to be watchful of their class time. To be able to reach the target class hours, this line do the deed.

7. “May puntos ang maagang makapasa, ang mahuhuli ay may kaltas.”

Even until now, students will cram over this line. The positive effect of this line is that students will submit their reports on time. Plus the merits they will receive for it made the difference.

8. “Mag-aral kayo ng hindi pinagsasabihan.”

Teachers need to remind their students to be studious all the time. It is their way telling students to be responsible even without any supervision.

9. “Edukasyon lamang ang tangi ninyong panghahawakan.”

This line is so powerful that most of the students try hard to be successful. I am one of those students who believed in this line by my former teacher in high school. This is a motivation to do well to succeed.

10. “Mag-aral kayo ng mabuti kung ayaw ninyong magbanat ng buto.”

Another powerful line from teachers to motivate their students to finish their studies. This is actually effective and is used by teachers all over the globe.

There are also other powerful lines but those mentioned are the best ones. So, after reading this, do you somehow remember the old days where your teachers tell you such lines? – Clea | Helpline PH