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Briones reminds students that grades are not the only formula for success

Grades are not the only formula for success

As another school year ends, our students are reaping what they’ve sowed for 10 months. Students and parents are both excited with grades and, of course, rankings. But our DepEd Secretary would like to remind our students that grades and ranking are not only the formula for success.

There are many successful people in different fields that did not graduate with honors and medals. We have to instill to our students that ATTITUDE is a very important element to be successful.

Read the statement of Secretary Briones below:

“Most of the time, parents, even the grandparents, are more worried about the status of their children. It’s always the parents who express the reservations of whatever the results are [and] whatever the result is, there’s always a parent with reservations for various reasons.”

“At the level of the parents or the grandparents, the status of the student is a “very important matter,” oftentimes ending up in lawsuit. But, perhaps we should also inculcate in our students that while grades and rankings are very important, they are not the only surefire formula for success.”

“There are many other factors “other than ranking, grades, or being at the very top” that would make them successful in the future. “Perhaps we have to remind our students that there are many successful people, even if they were not valedictorian or salutatorian and summa cum laude or magna cum laude when they were students. Even though at this time you think it’s the most important thing in the world to graduate [with honors] but life is not really like that.”