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Top 10 internet applications used by teachers during pandemic

Top 10 internet applications used by teachers

This pandemic, all teachers must be technology alert. This means that they have to make sure that they equip themselves with the skills in using the internet. Old and young teachers alike, they do their work through the internet.

Here are the Top 10 Internet Applications used by teachers this pandemic:

1. Google

Google is free and everyone can research whenever and wherever they are across the globe. This application is very important to teachers, students and even office workers. Google is applicable as long as secure internet connection is concern.

2. Google Meet

This application is the most used application for video conference and meetings recently. Google Meet can accommodate up to 100 participants in one meeting. Online classes are using this application this time of pandemic. This a a very helpful application that caters the needs of both students and teachers.

3. Google Drive

This is an application connected with you Google account wherein you can upload. This application is a very much help to those who want to keep bulk files. You can upload files from the computer drive then save it there in your Google drive. You can access to these files as long as you have an internet connection. This is a big help to students and teachers the most.

4. Google Classroom

This application is like a virtual classroom wherein you as the teacher host the class. The only difference is that it is through virtual sessions. Almost all teachers and students are using this application recently.

5. Gmail

Teachers and students benefit the most using Gmail. This is very common in sending large file format that messenger can’t hold. This application is very helpful to all the teachers and students.

6. Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a very big help to students who does not have much amount of data or internet with them. This application let them do chatting, messaging and even voice recording. Communication is free and instructions are clear using this application.

7. Facebook

Even before pandemic, people already enjoyed the use of this application. There is no doubt this is very famous to all especially the Filipinos. Almost all individual even small children have an account to this application. This is also a big help in sharing information during the pandemic.

8. Zoom

This is another application for virtual communication but teachers prefer Google meet. Zoom can only accommodate few numbers of participants in a meeting, unlike Google meet.

9. Edmodo

Another application for online classes. You need internet to use this.

10. Microsoft Teams

Usually used by teachers to interact real-time with their students. Teachers create teams for a batch of students and conduct classes.

There are still various applications in the internet but these top 10 are the most famous. These applications are helpful tools in the continuation of education amidst pandemic. – Clea | Helpline PH