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Why Think About Teaching in the USA?

Why Think About Teaching in the USA?

When you think about teaching in the USA, there are many reasons it seems like a good choice. First, teachers can just teach without worrying about grading papers or filling out lots of paperwork. Imagine not having to spend your weekends writing report cards, but instead, having more time for yourself or your family. Also, you won’t have to deal with lots of forms and administrative work. The USA uses digital tools for everything, which means books for students are online, and lesson plans are ready to use. This makes teaching a lot easier.

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In the USA, keeping parents updated and taking attendance is simple because of technology. You don’t need to visit students’ homes because there are special staff members for that. The best part is that teaching here focuses on practical skills, not just memorizing facts. For example, instead of just learning what a noun is, students learn how to use nouns in real life. Teachers also get together every week to share ideas and resources, which helps everyone become better teachers. And of course, managing your classroom well is important, but that’s something you can improve on with practice.

Why think about teaching in the USA?
1. Report cards? Not your worry. We use a system where we grade papers and let the school handle the paperwork. I vividly remember nung nasa public school pa ako, even weekends na sana ay para sa family time ay nasasakripisyo para lang matapos ang pagsusulat ng card🤭🥲🥹
2. No more administrative tasks like finishing SFs. You’re here to teach, not toil in the office. Naalala ko pa yung panahon na sobrang haba ng papel na e fifillout tas pag nag reading at may mali, uulitin naman 🥲 Mula SF1 hangang SF… diko na maalala😅
3. Everything’s digital and convenient. Students have their own digital books and lesson plans are ready-made. Plus, we’ve got reliable internet in every classroom.
4. Parents stay informed with easy access to their kids’ grades and assignments.
5. Taking attendance is a breeze. We use an online system that notifies parents if their child is absent.
6. Forget about home visits. We’ve got attendance coaches and officers for that. Ito ung isa sa mga iniiwasan ko nuon, aakyat kapa ng bundok, tatawid sa mga ilog para lang mapuntahan si studyante🥹
7. Digital tools help us understand student reading levels and adjust lessons accordingly. Ito ang isa sa mga pinakagusto ko kasi automatic mag aadjust si system sa reading and questions based on sa reading level ni bata. Maalala ko pa nuon sa Phil-IRI na ako magpapabasa but I am not sure kung yung reading lexile ba ng text na pinapabasa ko ay appropriate sa reading level ng bata🥲
8. We focus on teaching skills, not just filling minds with facts. Yes, we provide real life experiences, not confined sa book lang! We don’t teach noun perse, we teach how to use noun in daily life!
9. We gather weekly for professional learning communities where all the resources you need are provided. This is for free! Walang bayad! Walang speaker din (ideal na teacher😅) becasue during PLC, Us teachers are the speakers. We sit together and talk about things we need in our class. We also reflect on things that we can improve more. We are the master of our craft not someone who gives lecture the entire day na wala namang first hand experience sa sinasabi niya.
10. And let’s be real, managing the classroom is key! So, brush up on those skills. Haha ito lang ang kailangan nating pagsikapan here.
Thinking about teaching in the USA makes a lot of sense because it offers a lot of benefits, not just for teachers but for students too. The system here makes a teacher’s job less about paperwork and more about actual teaching. This means teachers can spend more time helping students learn in ways that matter. Using digital tools makes everything from planning lessons to checking if everyone is in class easier. Also, teaching methods in the USA are all about making sure students can use what they learn in real life, which is really important. Plus, teachers working together every week is a great way to make sure everyone is doing their best. All these things show that teaching in the USA is not just about giving information; it’s about making learning a good experience for everyone.