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Teachers to GSIS: Provide us with clear and complete copy of our statement of account annually

Teachers to GSIS: Provide us with clear and complete copy of our statement of account annually

This is the message of teachers to GSIS that needs immediate action. “Provide us with clear and complete copy of our statement of accounts every year.”

This message of teachers to GSIS is very clear that they wanted to see their updated accounts from GSIS. It is for a fact that teachers are unhappy with the services of GSIS a very long time ago. This has to end if teachers wanted their contribution not go to waste.

Many teachers are problematic at present with their current accounts from GSIS. Some others can’t even understand the arrears they have with the insurance company. There is no hard proof or copy of the accounts so the teachers can’t seem to grasp their status.

This is why the message of teachers to GSIS is to provide them a hard copy of their SOA every year for updates. Even a hard copy every year of their SOA. When all other agencies can provide with a clear and understandable copy, GSIS can’t. Even the arrears and the unmerged accounts from their clients are hard for them.

From time to time, a teacher’s account can go far beyond double interest if not followed up. GSIS will never give their members a letter asking their clients for updates. Even asking their clients to go to the nearest branch office for a clear explanation won’t happen.

This message of teachers to GSIS is a serious ordeal for they wanted so bad to separate from GSIS anytime soon. If teachers can only choose either way, they won’t bother be a member of this insurance company.

Teachers are firm with their call for answers from this company. They needed to get what is due for them. If teachers were to pay for a higher contribution, then GSIS must also give them what is due to them in the future. That is, teachers need to have an assurance if they retire, they get what they worked hard for a very long time.Avril | Helpline PH

8 thoughts on “Teachers to GSIS: Provide us with clear and complete copy of our statement of account annually”

    1. We experienced before that my fellow teachers suffered paying the loans from unknown person in the GSIS office with the monthly amortization of more than 4000 pesos within 3 years. They verify it with the personnel of GSIS but they all deny. Instead they will sermoned the teachers with some vad words.

  1. This is my query for GSIS regarding the computation of the retirement… It is clearly stated in the Magna Carta for teachers and made known by the Secretary of Education the VP Sara Z. Duterte and the senators namely:Senator Chis Escudero and Senator Win Gatchalian regarding the One Salary range during retirement must be the basis of computation for retirement pay and pension pay after 5 years. That order was supposedly implementeded last 1997.Why is it that until now it was not followed by GSIS?

    1. GSIS is the most inefficient and corrupt government agency and they victimized ordinary government employees. Their records are problematic and the workers are horribly terrified and tortured because you are the one who suffered from their incompetence. The millions of pesos in salaries of their executives does not commensurate to the services that they gave. They should instead receive a salary of an ordinary clerk in government because their effort for providing a services worth millions in salary is the effort of an ordinary employee. Does this people running GSIS have brains or they are brainless or worst does not have empathy for the thousands of workers. Many Filipinos had the impression that a crime syndicate is running this agency because somebody might use an account for a housing loan and the unsuspecting employee will soon discover that somebody had use their account to get a loan. And who can do this except someone who could manipulate the system inside.

  2. That’s the Wholesale things of the DEPED pH…in Bohol RO7 3days to speedups to get GSIS Dipolog it is 15 time to wait to get SOA..We are in Digital Age a split it 5minutes computing of Right computation takes place..Why do is this so….?

  3. I remember when i had un arrears due to my transfer and i paid that arears … why is it that records og GSIS seems did not reflect my payment…please update my records…

  4. GSIS must not limit the benefits of their members. The benefits must include health care, insurance, and investment. Imagine, members are paying their premiums until they retire and yet, they only assure their members of pension ONLY? burial benefits and just candy leveled help yet the premiums been collected is increasing if there’ an increase. Their records were not even been updated. My gosh GSIS, loan system ninyo lalong nagpapahirap sa mga teachers. I know some insurance companies where you are just going to pay premiums for seven to ten years but mas malaki ang mapepension, may investment pa at mas malaki pa ang insurance nila kaysa sa GSIS na hanggang magreretire ka magbabayad ng premium kasi kailangan.

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