Top 10 reasons why so many teachers think of quitting

Top 10 reasons why so many teachers think of quitting

Do teachers think of quitting? This question is very deep for someone who knows a teacher.

As we all know, teaching profession is the biggest population of all professions. We know that teaching is the mother profession of all. Teachers we know are strong, independent and are decision-makers. They lead their students to the path of bright future.

Yet, in the present education set-up, there are several teachers who want to quit their job. We can say that teachers think of quitting this easy are those who don’t like the job, or are they?

Here are the Top 10 reasons why teachers think of quitting:

1. Stress and Overwork

Some teachers can’t bear the stress from overwork during offer time.

2. Expectation vs Reality

Some new teachers expected a lot in which shocked them in return.

3. Modern Students/Millennial

The kind of habits and values the new era of students bring is different. Their world is much more different from before.

4. Salary Expectation

New teachers think of higher salary. The salary o teachers can’t compensate the sacrifices from their students.

5. Farthest Assigned Area Ever

Being assigned in coastal areas or in uplands where the terrains are challenging is not easy. The fact that these areas are not familiar with them.

6. Challenging Tides in Education

The education system is in a seesaw effect lately.

7. Prides and Prejudices

Old teachers are prideful and their prejudices towards new teachers are clear.

8. Real Teaching Roles

A teacher’s role is to focus more on teaching his/.her students but in the real set-up.

9. Issues and Concerns in Education

How many concerns in education do we have? Do these issues bother you as a teacher?

10. No Teacher Gets Rich, Instead Loans Everywhere

If a new teacher is ambitious enough then she will go far with her life. Teaching Profession does not guarantee you a good life.

These are the ten things/reasons why teachers think of quitting. – Clea | Helpline PH