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Reasons why teachers should keep their payslip safe and sound

Teachers should keep their payslip safe and sound

Are you a teacher by profession? If so, are you teaching in the public school? You might want to ask me back why the hassle of asking you these. In fact this will be our topic for this article.

Teachers in the public schools doesn’t mind so much on keeping safe and sound their payslip. Did you know that your payslip is a very important document that you need to keep safe?

Here are the reasons why teachers should take a good keep of their payslip in a safe folder and put it in a safe drawer.

1. Your payslip is your ticket to avail of various loans.

Everywhere you go, you will attach your payslip if you wish to avail a loan even the lowest amount. The loaning agency will assess you salary standing through your payslip.

2. It is your gauge in everything that your salary is concern.

It will give you the hint when and where to stop on availing such loans. Your payslip is very important in helping you decide to go for it.

3. It will give you monthly updates on your deductions and salary standing.

All your deductions and the net amount is in your payslip. It is important to get updates from time to time. This is also a helpful tool to know concerns on your contribution.

4. You can keep track if there are anomalies in your deductions.

This will summarize the deductions from your previous loans on that on your recent ones.

5. You can complain anytime if there are discrepancies in your salary.

If you are confuse on something that does not match on your payslip, then you can file a complaint anytime.

6. For record keeping.

This is the least reason you have to keep this one page document every month. Keep all your important documents for the future. In case you need such then it is ready and available.

Teachers do keep their payslip but there are also those who are lazy to keep it. Now that you already know its importance, it is better for you to spare a space in your cabinet for this alone. In the meantime you might not use it but , you will try to find it in the future. Always remember to bring your payslip for transactions. Don’t give the original copy, instead reproduce more copies of it and keep the original one. – Clea |Helpline PH