If the salary will be given on 15 and 30 every month teachers will be happy

Public school teachers in the Philippines receive their salary once a month in bulk. Usually they receive their salary on the third week of every month. This is somehow prolonging the agony of the needs that can’t wait. Most teachers resort to debts until such time they receive their paychecks.

Many teachers think that it is better if the salary comes every 15 and 30 like those of the other agencies. Here are the reasons why they think of it as an advantage:

1. There is a division of the budget target for a month.

Teachers can divide their budget intended for a month without stress. We cannot deny the fact that we need money to survive.

2. There is no room for small debts when the paycheck comes on the 15 and 30.

The reason why teachers have debts here and there is the unavailability of money. If the paycheck comes on 15 and 30 then they won't tend to have the urge to have

3. There is no hassle in going to the bank and trying to line up in the ATM to withdraw money.

Most of the time the bulk of people who will withdraw money is a hassle. If the paycheck comes twice every month then the bulk of people will lessen and there is ease for everyone.

4. Ease of budgeting.

There is no hassle in the budgeting phase since the paychecks will arrive on time.

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5. More room for allowance.

There can be more room for allowance and savings if salary comes 2 times in a month.

6. The family can store basic necessities without having the problem to get the money to buy.

Every household can store groceries and basic necessities. In this manner, the person involved in the budget doesn’t have to worry where to get the money to buy things needed.

These are only few on the advantages seen if the salary will be on the 15th and 30th. So what do you think of this? Do you think 15 and 30 can be realistic? – Clea | Helpline PH

11 thoughts on “IF THE SALARY WILL BE GIVEN ON 15 AND 30 EVERY MONTH TEACHERS WILL BE HAPPY: Here are the reasons why”

  1. Yes,I strongly agree for this matter,the very one reason for the teacher’s debts and more loans because of long month awaited for the salary.

  2. The public school teachers’ salary and allowance are all for their survival ONLY. Therefore making a lot of teacher to be in debt.

  3. Pls help push it to the government. Why don’t they try to implement this one for a long time. It is a big help to all teachers and if they excuse the processing of money that is the one they should also resolve to address the problem. If ever this could happen, teachers could have been freed from loans/debts from time to time. Push forward.

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