Top 6 things that public school teachers should be updated with from time to time

Things that public school teachers should be updated with from time to time

Today’s topic will be a little different. We will be talking about some of the few things that most public school teachers have in common but are actually neglected to keep an eye with due to different personal reasons. These things are very essential in the lives of the teachers and therefore should always be updated from time to time.  If you are a public school teacher, you should read this!

So here it is darling teachers! A must for every individual teacher. We should always be updated of our:


This is a MUST! Some of us after getting our salaries from the ATM will already be contented. Yes, this is true to most teachers since there are those who only care for their salaries (because we all need it) but we have to be very mindful that a PAYSLIP is the should of what we receive. It means that we need our payslip to get a hold of everything from the deductions to the net pay we are going to receive at the end of the month. If you are a teacher who doesn’t care about their payslip (for those who don’t have, then after reading this try to contemplate where you placed it. I suggest you make a compilation of your payslip every month and put it in a folder for your personal; guidance. After all, you cannot avail of any loan without it! 🙂

2. REMITTANCES (GSIS, Pag-ibig, BIR, etc)

Next, we should see to it that our remittances are posted properly in our payslip (if you don’t want to have problems sooner). I noticed that there are some teachers (those under provisionary status) who are very pitiful because their remittances were not properly posted. Even though they are provisionary but still there they availed same benefits like regular/permanent teachers so it is their right to have those remittances (GSIS, Pag-ibig, BIR). We should always watch if the remittance is exact with the date of posting. We should be mindful of this and be vigilant so that soon in God’s will if we are already in a retirable age, we will never have problems occurring from this.

3. GSIS Loan (if ever you have)

This is the most talked topic I have ever encountered. Many would complain because their GSIS account was used by another person or they have accumulated loans even though they didn’t avail any. There are many teachers who were victims of this style used by GSIS and they can’t even answer during our complaints. It is sad to note that since most of the retirees are already sickly and old, so they won’t complain anymore even though it is very clear that there is something fishy going under this agency. Now, we the new teachers shouldn’t be a victim of this. We should always see to it that our record in their office is updated. If there are discrepancies, then ask them verbally and if not, through a letter. We should let them know that we also know how to fight for our rights. We should not just sit and cry in a corner, instead, we should use our mouth and talk since we are teachers.  We deserve to know what is going under because it is our money that we warrant.

4. PRIVATE LOAN AGENCIES (for those who have loans)

This is also included to be in our list. We should always be aware of how they deduct our loans and how much is the accumulated interest or where the hidden charges go. Some teachers avail of loans without even bugging to ask of the deductions. We shouldn’t be like that. Always ask for the receipt after each deduction and monitor when to stop. Our money is our hard-earned sweat and blood so it should not be wasted.

5. Service Record

From time to time, we should always get a new service record especially if you got a promotion or a step increment. Our service records show our laddered status and I think we should always be updated on that.

6. 201 Files (must be in your designated divisions)

For those of you who don’t know, each individual teacher has her records put in a “201 file”. It is a folder wherein all our details since the day we are hired are being filed for future references. Nobody can access your files except fort a D.O personnel or an admin staff. We should always note to ask sometimes if there are lost records, then maybe this 201 file would be of help.

Due to the fact that as teachers, our call of work need us 5 days a week and it is understood that we don’t have enough time to come to the city to get an update with all of those mentioned. It’s up to us on how to find time to work on this. An absence of 1 day is not a loss after all. So instead, from now on, grind on this and avoid some future problems. – Clea | Helpline PH