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Shocking Evolution of Teachers’ Penmanship from the Past Years (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s) to the New Present

Shocking Evolution of Teachers’ Penmanship from the Past Years (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s) to the New Present

Teachers’ penmanship vary from one teacher to another. It is a common knowledge that if you become a teacher you should have a good stroke in writing. I remembered way back in my elementary years (1990’s to 2000’s) all my teachers do have good penmanship. At that time, computer is not yet used in schools so handwriting is the only key.


Photo: Christie Famat Gelborion / Facebook
Photo: Christie Famat Gelborion / Facebook

I was still very young at that time but I remembered my progress report card is handwritten in a very neat way. My former advisers were very good at handwriting and the stroke was real good. Our teachers before used cursive in writing all their reports in school. Teachers’ penmanship in the old days were perfect and no one can beat them at present.

There is actually an evolution of teachers’ penmanship from the past years down to this day. During those years, when the use of computer was still not a trend teachers used their bare hands in writing. They do all their reports in cursive writing without any erasures on it. They can control the stroke of their handwriting to make it appear very pleasant to the eyes of the readers.

During those years, our teachers let us do formal and informal themes everyday. Students learn how to do proper cursive by making sure the theme notebooks will have good grades. Formal theme notebooks have very fine lines blue, red then blue to make sure you can write on it very well. Those were the times that teachers trained their students’ proper handwriting.

Then, here comes the era of computers where the lives of people become easier. The introduction of computers in our country marks the downside of writing. This was the time when teachers’ penmanship evolved as well. From the time teachers learned how to encode on the keyboard, they also forgot how to be good in writing.

At present, student’s report card or other forms are no longer done by writing on it one by one. Teachers can either encode it or write it but not in a cursive stroke anymore. Teachers have already the freedom o choose how to write their forms and cards. They can use their own handwriting or they can encode their forms if they want.

There is a shocking difference between the old days and the present when it comes to it. Teachers’ penmanship are no longer an issue today. The use of computers and gadgets may have helped us yet it also ruined the ability of people to use their own stokes. Well, what can we do when we also learn to blend in the new trends right?

To be frank, it is more convenient to type and print our documents that fast. Yet, if a teacher do like to have good cursive she can still practice and do it on her other documents on her spare time.Alec | Helpline PH

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