A teacher’s mindset will change over time

A teacher’s mindset will change over time

A teacher’s mindset will change over time and this is true. I know there are many teachers who can relate with this feeling I have right now. I have been a teacher for eight (8) years now and my views and mindsets are changing. 

I thought that I will be able to become persistent on my ambitions and goals as a teacher. Yet, the years of experience I had taught me different things. These things deviate from the previous mindset I had. This is a proof that a teacher’s mindset will change over time.

Let me share you these changes I had in me:

1. Getting a master’s degree and in the long run, a Ph.D.

When I was in my three years of teaching, I still wanted to pursue my master’s degree a lot. I even planned to become a doctor of education but things have changed my mind. I realized that graduate school is an achievement but I can still be a good teacher even without it. After I finished CAR, I didn’t pursue with my studies anymore.

2. Getting a promotion.

I will be a liar if I tell you that I never wanted a promotion. I was once a dreamer of promotion so that my salary will also rise. Yet, I am not the kind of a teacher who will do everything to get what she wants. I waited for my turn and yes I got a promotion. After that, I realized that no matter how many times you get promoted and how much raise you have. If you don’t know how to manage your finances, you will be zero balance even if you are a supervisor. 

3. Be an active speaker especially in the activities in the district level and higher.

I can speak very well and I can stand crowd of people but I chose not to become one. Teacher who are good speakers are always busy here and there. The salary is still the same and it will not compensate the stress the extra speaking thing will give you.

4. Apply for a principal position sooner, if time permits.

That was before, now I only wanted to be an ordinary teacher in the school. Being a principal is good but you need to have all the guts to be one. Plus you cannot please everybody. You have to expect haters and critiques. I don’t want that. I only want to teach, and be a teacher to my students. 

5. Become a supervisor soon.

This is the funniest dream I have before but I take it back today. I have seen supervisors are supervisors in the name only. They are not that effective and they can’t even take action on simple problems in the district. They are too busy here and there and they are so busy. I am not into doing things extra because I don’t want to stress myself out.

So, as you see, a teacher’s mindset will change over time. The possibility that your ambition yesterday is not what you want today. Regardless of the reasons, your whole being is important. Your happiness counts and not your status. I am now happy in where I am. – Clea | Helpline PH