Tips on how to prepare documents for the Ranking of Master Teacher Promotions

Tips on how to prepare documents for the Ranking of Master Teacher Promotions

The secret to promoting master teachers will be determined by how you store your paperwork in your home or classroom cabinets. We may believe that those papers are unimportant, so we toss them in the trash or dispose of them at a landfill. However, that is a big mistake. You should save all those documents, even if they aren’t particularly significant to you, because you will find that those papers are very useful in filing for promotion. Keeping papers is like keeping someone alive in your heart. You keep it even if you don’t think him/her too important because of her/his appearance or social status in life, but time comes, you will realize how important she/he is.

Well, restoring papers is good practice, whether you will file for a promotion or not. Sooner or later, you’ll need them if you want to be promoted, but not all applicants are willing to restore their papers because they don’t have any to be restored. That’s why you should be careful of dishonest applicants. Don’t have too much faith in the company or a group of people. Whether they perform miracles or idiocy in their documents, there will be sabotage or agreement within the group of pals. For them, equality is not a good idea. When a group of friends has a strong reason for their own interest, bias applicants succeed. The documents that have been filed are coming from the wind. Have you grasped what I’m getting at? That paperwork is generated, but the applicant does not perform or does not perform his/her duties completely. It is only designed just to get the position. The teacher friends can speak about the unfolding story behind the magic or dishonesty in their actions. There was a conspiracy that happened when a group of teachers had a strong interest in the position. In other words, the assignment was not assigned to her/him, which can be portrayed by an incompetent, self-centered leader. This type of promotion is now prevalent in a prejudiced system.

Let’s move on to the documentation required for Master Teacher promotion, which may be found in the Master Teacher’s Criteria. However, here are some pointers to help you get started, particularly if you’re a new teacher in the field:


  • Make a club or organization for your school, as well as a project. You put this in writing by submitting a project proposal. Ascertain that your project will generate revenue and that it will be a worthwhile income-generating project (IGP). This IGP has received 20 points if your proposal is comprehensive, signed by the superintendent, and includes signatures from the project’s stakeholders. Make sure you’ve worked as an adviser or coordinator in the organization for at least two years, as it takes two years for your IGP points to be counted. Keep in mind that your project must be completed in order for you to receive full credit for this project. There are four in the list of criteria, but you must choose one.

A. Curriculum or instructional materials

B. Effective teaching techniques or strategies

C. The Division’s higher officials recognize simplification or work as in reporting systems, record keeping, etc., or procedures that recruit in cost reduction.

D. A worthwhile Income Generating Project (IGP) or pupils are given due recognition by the higher officials of the division.

All four criteria should follow the same procedure as the Worthwhile Income Generating Project (IGP), except for two of them: work simplification and the income generating project’s necessity to produce money in order to continue.

There are documents that must be prepared in this column of the criterion. You can inquire about the criteria for master teacher ranking from your school’s principal or the teachers in charge of the ranking.


  • Make sure you’ve spent at least one year at your school as a Subject Coordinator, Grade Chairman, or member of any type of school club or group, and that you’ve completed such tasks satisfactorily for at least two (2) years while doing so. This section of the criteria carries a score of 12 points. In the Master Teacher Criteria, you’ll find the documents you’ll need to prepare.


  • See to it that you are assigned as Chairman of a Special Committee in your school, district or division to develop instructional materials corroborated by five (5) teachers and duly notarized. These learning materials are utilized in your school to aid students in their learning. For example, instructional materials in their learning such as short stories, charts, draw well, iplan, self-learning modules, test papers, questionnaires, or any kind of instructional resources relevant to your class signed by the principal or supervisor.
  • You can also support your claim by citing your position as Grade Chairman/Year-Level Chairman. Follow the sample documents for this Master Teacher criterion. I believe you should inquire about the qualifications with your principal, as the standards vary by location.


  • To gain 12 points on this criterion, make sure you initiated, led, or participated in an educational research initiative that was duly sanctioned by educational authorities for the purpose of improving instruction, community development, or teacher welfare. Teachers must engage in the Division Research Study with an approved letter from the superintendent of the school division to perform Action Research, as well as an approved Research Proposal, a Research Report, and an Accomplishment Report (Narrative Report and Pictorials).


  • Making this community project of a program of another agency or coordinator of a rural service improvement activity in a community for at least two (2) years, such as feeding, nutrition, agro-industrial fairs, etc. In order to feed, you must have a certificate as a Community Project Coordinator for at least two (2) years, a Memorandum designating you as a Community Project Coordinator, an Approved Letter Request by the Barangay Captain to conduct a Community Project, an Approved Project Proposal, and an Accomplishment Report (Narrative Report and Pictorials).

In groups such as the Philippine Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, or any other organization where you can run a program like “Bundle of Joy” for your students from low-income families, or as a member of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4 Ps). For the assessment of the giving of joy to the impoverished families in the target barangay, you should coordinate with the Rural Health Unit (RHU) or the Barangay Health Worker (BHW) in your barangay.

Showing a one-night presentation of the barangay’s fiesta celebration might also earn you points in the school club or performing arts organization. The paperwork that must be prepared is identical to that required for the feeding program.


  • How can you get involved in this in-service training? You should be sent to a seminar on the subject or activity you’ve been assigned. During the In-Service Training, the principal and supervisor will allow you to speak for the teachers’ orientation. Furthermore, if the school head or supervisor believes you have the ability to facilitate the topic, you can be a speaker. Aside from your potential, if you are the school coordinator in that area of specialization, the principal and supervisor have delegated you to be a speaker. To become a Master Teacher, you only need the appropriate documents listed in the qualifications


  • One approach to obtaining these praiseworthy achievements is to participate in various contests with your students, such as being a trainer or coach to a contender who earns awards, commendations, or any form of recognition, or places first. Academic, socio-cultural, community-based, or sports competitions that are not part of a normal class or activity, such as exceptional teacher/MT/Best Performing Teacher/MT, are examples of contests. The claim is backed up by a certificate of appreciation or recognition that specifically names the claimant as the sports coach of prize-winning athletes or teams. Each of the criteria has a maximum point value. It depends on the level of competition you and your students achieve, whether regional, divisional, Congressional, Sub-Congressional, or District. The documents required are related to the Master Teacher requirements.


  • Being the author of a book requires more time. Candles were lit solely to finish the writing. Being a writer is a magnificent gift from the Almighty Father. To avoid wasting your articles or books, you should publish them so that you can get points. For example, a book is worth ten (10) points, and each article is worth one (1) point if it is regarding education. The points are awarded based on whether the author is the sole author or a co-author. Copy of the published articles, publisher certification, authorship of a book-copy of the certificate of copyright registration and deposit of the published book issued by any authorized office, and copy of the published books are all required papers.


  • There are master teachers promoted even though they are not demonstrators in a school, district, division, or region. Maybe it depends on the points you earned during the ranking. To be promoted and capable of being an MT, you should be a demonstrator either in the school, district, division, or region. Prepare your lesson plan to be signed by the principal and the supervisor who will observe you during the demonstration. Record your lesson demonstration and put it on a CD. Include it with your documents.

I believe I have already provided you with information on the documentation required to compete for Master Teacher status in your school and division. I wish you all luck in your job search. Remember that if you want to be promoted, you must work hard and persevere. – Doki | Helpline PH