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Some schools lack teachers; who can provide teachers’ items?

Some schools lack teachers; who can provide teachers’ items?

Some schools require more teachers to accommodate the rising number of students each year. Many people claimed that certain schools obtained additional teacher items despite the fact that their existing teachers were more than adequate for their student population’s needs. Their student body isn’t as large as theirs. However, there are schools with a small number of teachers but a huge student population that have yet to get new teaching items from their division. Were their methods of delivering teacher items reasonable? Remember that a school with a large number of students needs additional teachers, but there are rumors that while getting the items, the principal or supervisor should be near the person in charge of distribution so that he/she will be the priority. In any case, this is skewed toward large-population institutions when the quantity of teachers is insufficient to assist students.

One of the difficulties that teachers face is a teacher shortage. Many teacher applicants are waving their applications in particular schools where the new teaching items have not been blessed for their schools. The school head and district supervisor continued to plead and seek new items for the school, but no items were received until this point. Is it possible to say that the students are receiving a good education? One section has 50 to 65 students, and the teachers are responsible for all of them. Each year level has five or six sections. If things went like this, how could the teachers help the students? Therefore, the education system should be changed so that when it comes to treatment, things are always done fairly.

I believe that the Department of Education’s responsible personnel should conduct a check on the person in charge of the teachers’ items to ensure that the items are given equally to the schools. Limited face-to-face is on the way, and some schools aren’t ready yet. Aside from completely collapsed and damaged classrooms, the institution has a slew of issues. The school’s principal and teachers are concerned about the significant number of teachers required for the impending limited face-to-face sessions. The problem of a teacher shortage existed in some schools before the Odette, until it was added to another problem. When no one hears a voice, it can become useless and hopeless. This issue is analogous to politicians who choose to help only those who will vote for them. This situation has already happened after Typhoon Odette. Is it possible to solve the problem? I believe it can be resolved if the responsible person is treated fairly and understands the plight of teachers and school heads who are always pleading for an additional teacher item that has not yet materialized after years of waiting. – Doki | Helpline PH