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Top 5 Gigantic Truths why Teachers in Thailand are more steps ahead compare to Teachers in the Philippines

Top 5 Gigantic Truths why Teachers in Thailand are more steps ahead compare to Teachers in the Philippines

They said that teachers in Thailand are way much ahead when it comes to the salary. And so, I have been following this Filipino vlogger with a Facebook page name TG (ThailandGirl). This vlogger is teaching at present in Thailand. In his latest vlog, he pinpointed why teachers in Thailand are way contented and happy.

According to TG, if you are a foreigner teacher teaching in Thailand you have much higher salary. When you compare it to the locals, foreigners earn more. So there is only a slight difference between the salaries of the Filipino teachers than that of the Thais. The only thing that Thailand has is their “benefits”.

Here are the top 5 gigantic truths why teachers in Thailand are way ahead compared to our teachers:

1. Huge, sure 100% benefits

According to TG, the benefits that teachers in Thailand are receiving is solid as rock. It means, you can lean on it and depend your life on it all the time. Unlike in the Philippines where the benefits may come and go. Although Thai teachers have enough salary, their benefits exceeds what they needed. 

2. Free hospitalization for all teachers

No matter how big your salary is every month, if you get sick then all you savings will be spend. Unlike teachers in Thailand who have FREE hospitalization. This is the most important benefit of all since we should value our health over everything. In the Philippines, our leaders can’t help us through with this free hospitalization. In Thailand, they have their healthcard and they won’t spend even a centavo for it.

3. Relocation of teachers

In the Philippines, the government will assigned their teachers from one localization. The hardest part is that the teacher will shoulder all expenses. These expenses like fare, food and boarding house are all shouldered by the teacher. Unlike teachers in Thailand where they are all given free food and accommodation. It means teachers will no longer overthink where to get money for the expenses. All expenses paid by their government.

4. Thailand government’s project is to feed their students and teachers

If you are a teacher in Thailand, you won’t have a problem where to buy food because there is free food inside. Teachers and students are welcome to eat from breakfast and lunch and even get food for dinner.

5. Teachers in Thailand are very well respected

Teachers in Thailand will not ask from the parents for any donations. Unlike Philippine teachers, where they are the ones who will ask for donations. The Thai government will provide budget for their school beautification. There is no contest on the most beautiful classrooms.

Hearing these words from TG makes me want to teach in Thailand more. If the Philippines will adhere to some changes then their teachers will be in a better place. – Avril | Helpline PH