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Top 5 bold reasons why teachers deserve a good rest

Top 5 bold reasons why teachers deserve a good rest

Teachers deserve a good rest these days from the line of work they are currently in. This pandemic is too long to bear and we are struggling. One should maintain equal balance between work and personal wellness to live.

The students are now in their final week of the modules and for the next days to come, they are on their break from school. How about the teachers? Are they also going to take a break from their work? It is as if the department doesn’t have plans for it. They don’t intend to give their teachers a short break from work at all.

Here are the top 5 bold reasons why teachers deserve a good rest:

1. Teachers are also human like everybody else and they deserve to have a break from their work.

2. They deserve healing from physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Remember the many abrupt changes in the educational set-up and it was the teachers who worked for it.

3. Summer break for two months is a privilege for teachers even before the pandemic sparked. It is inhumane to deprive them of this short relaxation. For the information of everyone, even during vacations teachers still do school works. Every now and then, school heads or the district will ask for their presence or help. Sometimes, it is more on paperwork or reports in which they do in their own homes.

4. Their two month vacation is the only time they can relax with their family members. It is a time where they can stroll and have fun not thinking about work.

5. A good rest means a lot to all the teachers in the country. As we all face the pandemic, you see teachers as strong individuals. The facade is strong yet they also burst out when they are alone. They are also affected by the pandemic.

This vacation/break time is a good time for DepEd to make enough preparations for the opening of classes. There are many things to do to polish the modular learning if this will still be the situation next school year. It is the time for the heads of the department to check everything. The department should think about the reasons why their teachers deserve a good rest. If they want their teachers to be productive and active by the opening of classes, then a vacation is a must. – Clea | Helpline PH