Teachers buying “Ready-Made” research for promotion: A Reaction

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Teachers buying “Ready-Made” research for promotion

“If any of you is without sin, let him be the one to throw a stone at her”.

There are many factors to consider before a teacher actually gets a promotion. One of this is to make a research that will be beneficial to the school. It is a long journey to begin with when a teacher plans on getting a promotion for real. The battle between work and the research will consume an individual’s time.

Recently an uproar in the social media is buzzing. The issue is about teachers buying ready-made action research papers. The purpose of which is for funding or promotion. This also calls the attention of DepEd and the department said that they will not tolerate such acts.

This reminds me of what I heard before many years before I became a teacher myself. I heard (hearsay only since we don’t have evidence) of these issues already and this is not new to the system. What I meant is that there may be teachers doing this from time to time and the only difference is they were not caught.

Various reasons can contribute to this issue.

  • First, if this is true, then there are people out there doing this as their business. These people are also professionals and they are willing to do the job in return for an ample amount of money. These people may be bigger than we ever think of. A regular person with no idea on research cannot produce one.
  • Second, the system knows about this even before the issue but they turned blind-eye. If nobody is complaining then the previous activities don’t matter.
  • Third, the teachers are competing to be in a higher position and promotion. This is because in the public schools promotion is very hard if you don’t have the necessary papers. This is the reason why teachers opt to do the dirty deed than doing it all by themselves.

As a realization, I can say that we don’t have the right to pinpoint teachers in general. This issue may be true to all professions, not only the teachers. The population of teachers is huge and this issue happened in only some parts of the country. This time around, it is the duty of the department to cut this dirty work and to cut this it will start from the roots.

Teachers should always live by the virtues of the code of ethics. Our conscience will always be the first to tell us what is wrong and what is right. It is still fulfilling to get a promotion with your own strengths and handwork. – Clea | Helpline PH