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Different ways on how a DepEd teacher can be easily promoted

How a DepEd teacher can be easily promoted

It is every individual teacher’s dream to get promoted immediately in his/her post. Promotion is both a symbol of being efficient and active in your field of work. Promotion as well is advancement in a position which will raise your salary. Today, I will give you the different ways on how to get promoted in DepEd easily.


Your four years of bachelor’s degree is given, but it is not enough. You have to elevate your educational status to the highest level. In other words, you need to be a master’s degree holder, then after which you also have to finish your doctor’s degree in education for a much higher position.


The longer you are in the field of teaching, the more chances of getting into a higher position. Seniority in DepEd is still actively practiced, therefore each individual teacher should wait at least 3 years in service before applying for a rank.


Training and seminars are very important in a teacher’s life. The more training and seminars you attended, the more you gain knowledge. In addition to prior knowledge are also the certificates that come right after every training/seminar, therefore you have to make sure to secure these pieces of papers as this will be your passport for promotion.


Your principal or school head will give you designations and coordinatorship, therefore don’t complain about having it, instead perform your duties properly.  Your designations will help you get promoted.


Do more research and help improve your school. Research is essential in developing your school and as well as will help you get the position you dream of.


School projects are the reasons why many teachers get promoted immediately. For instance, projects like a school bazaar or school canteen will help you gain more years of experience as well as will aid your application for promotion.


Coaching is enjoyable yet is also helpful in getting a promotion. Coaching and officiating games during school to school meets are helpful enough.


Nowadays, teachers should be techy. Use technology to your advantage in getting a promotion.


Everything mentioned above is nothing if you don’t get a clean school record. Your principal will help you if you are a teacher of good work. Avoid work troubles if possible and mind your own business to avoid chaos with anybody.


Above all, humility at all costs should be your partner. Without humility, you will never get what you wanted. Humility comes hand in hand with good leadership.

I hope that these mentioned ways will be your guide through your dream promotion. Remember that patience is a virtue and if you wait for your turn, it will be given in due time.  – Clea | Helpline PH

9 thoughts on “Different ways on how a DepEd teacher can be easily promoted”

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  3. Kahit gaano pa karami ang achievements ng teacher kung S ang performance rating na ipinataw sa kanya.. Disqualified pa rin for Promotion. Isa sa mga requirements ay dapat VS ang rating ng teacher in the past 3 years 🙂

  4. The truth is, seminar will not give you long term benefit of learning. You may attend how to play instrument in a seminar, you can get certificates from ofcourse but without internal intellectual capacity it’s useless. You attended only 3 to 10 days, how come that you will learn a lot? I mean learning is not about collecting all the informations. There must be a constant practice to prove learning. Seminars and workshop should not be a big deal. Including post education, where fake educations are easily converted into diplomas. The problem is, what if a person is armed with documents but still possesses mental health issues versus a mentally capable and emotionally stable but lacking of document? The system of promotion will ofcourse pick the applicant equipped with papers not realizing the dangers to come when in power.

  5. Kahit na matagal ka na sa serbisyo kung ang principal mo’y…MADAMOT….kasi akala nya siya ang nag aari sa school…..hindi ka talaga ma promote….etsapwera…..kahit gaano ka dami ang iyong project sa school walq ka rin….

  6. Is it a requirement in applying T3 position that an applicant should have Masteral Transcript of Record or at least have Masteral units?
    It seems theres no specific guidelines about this. I need to learn more. Thank you

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