5 Reasons Why Teachers Are Bored During This Pandemic

Why Teachers Are Bored During This Pandemic

Teachers, like bamboo, are pliable. Teachers perform all of the paper work or responsibilities that the Department of Education (DepEd) gives to them without reluctance. Isn’t it true that only teachers are well-rounded in all professions? Do you believe that teachers continue to do so many duties assigned by the Department of Education merely to save their jobs? A teacher has previously worked as a nurse, maid, nun, preacher, seafarer, politician, carpenter, artist, bricklayer, celebrity, singer, dancer, player, coach, writer, speaker, engineer, attorney, doctor, cashier, teller, manager, flight stewardess, designer, architect, sewer, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), policeman, fireman, janitor, painter, broadcaster, blogger, and so on. On the other hand, teachers understand all of these works because they are already familiar with the DEPED system. In a nutshell, a teacher is a wonder woman. Many teachers try to find free time because, with so many assigned tasks to complete, they may try to find a rope to tie around their neck if they focus all day without a break. Although being a teacher has its advantages in that they can learn new things or work on projects that they are unfamiliar with, they cannot deny that they are smothered with work, especially at this time of pandemic.

Teachers are bored in the classroom, printing modules, sorting modules, recording scores, preparing reports, attending webinars and seminars, designing lesson plans, writing accomplishment reports, and so on. I believe teachers felt loathed by the quantity of paper labor they had to do every day. They would have loved to have taken a short break from their labor, but due to a lack of cash, they were unable to do so. The remainder of their earnings is sufficient to fulfill the needs of their families. How could the teachers possibly enjoy themselves in such a situation? The salaries of teachers are insufficient. Despite the fact that wages are rising each year, tax rates are increasing as well. As a result, each teacher’s monthly pay is inadequate. Teachers’ salaries are only good for ten days. The government has made several promises to boost teacher pay to the same level as police pay. However, the salary rise suggested is insufficient to alleviate the teachers’ poverty. Teachers are still paid a pittance on a regular basis. As a result, the growth is barely discernible.

Why do teachers get bored with their work? Is it true that they can’t walk to visit different places on their own island? Do teachers have the freedom to go wherever they want? Why can’t teachers invest time and money in their own well-being?

1. The first reason teachers become bored with their jobs is that they only earn a little portion of their salaries during payday. Loans are available everywhere due to the little salaries they may receive each month, which may not be sufficient to cover their family’s needs for a month. Teachers may undoubtedly acquire a loan provided their wage was sufficient to meet their family’s needs. Although there was an increase every year until 2023, the increase is not noticeable due to the low level of increase. The increase is only for the purpose of paying withholding taxes. Who can provide assistance to teachers in this situation? There isn’t any fairness, in my opinion. Is there anyone else who might be able to assist the teachers? Many children of teachers will be unable to complete their education in college if the scenario persists, especially if their husband is also a regular employee or worker.

2. During the epidemic, there was so much work to be accomplished in school that the teachers couldn’t focus on their duties, such as distribution, receiving, and checking of modules. They were unable to complete their work due to a large number of irrelevant webinars and activities. What if teachers concentrated solely on their area of expertise, which is teaching? Perhaps instructors aren’t bored with their jobs. They can also ensure high-quality education because teachers may focus on their students.

3. Teachers’ medical examinations are neither free nor budgeted. Teachers would pay their own money to have a yearly medical examination. Why couldn’t the government provide teachers with free check-ups and laboratories? As a result, teachers take out additional loans to meet the expense of the DepEd-mandated medical examination. Allow the government to observe the teachers’ situation. Even medical examinations for teachers are not covered by the budget. If teachers discover they are ill, it is pointless for them to seek medical help because they will not be given a budget for their medication. The Deped refused to provide them with even 10,000 pesos for the teachers’ medical assistance. That is why teachers are hesitant to seek medical advice or undertake medical examinations and tests since, even if they are aware of their disease, they do not have the financial means to pay for treatment.

4. Even on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, there is no time for bonding or strolling because many links are forwarded merely to finish the reports that the teachers must compile. The reports are delivered that day and must be submitted online the same day. They have to submit the report online before midnight (12 a.m.). Because they have a lot of paper work to accomplish for the next day. Therefore, teachers can’t go somewhere to unwind during their free time. Every week, teachers require a break to forget about their issues and concerns. But how is this even possible? If teachers focused just on teaching, there would be no challenges for them, and they could concentrate on what to do with students who have not yet submitted or replied to their modules on time. Teachers should pay attention to their students’ monitoring and evaluation. School reports, irrelevant competitions, and irrelevant paper tasks must be excluded from consideration. Teachers need to have strong support from the higher authorities to change the face of education and be able to concentrate on their instruction without interruption.

5. One of the reasons why couples end up their marriage is because of family issues. Teachers have no time for their spouses, children, or parents. Even late at night, the teachers kept an eye on all of the paperwork. Even if the teachers are sleeping, they place their papers next to him or her because they only take a short snooze to do their essential task. Teachers are expected to attend webinars on weekends, holidays, and during summer vacation. Why do they continue to place obligations on teachers? Why didn’t they offer the teachers a break? The top position in the Department of Education is that they continue to study or research and, once their research has been accepted, they promote teachers’ efforts to apply it by answering online or providing new chores or paper work. In a nutshell, this study or research is another piece of work for teachers to complete.

To be clear, teachers are not only sitting in their classrooms or resting in their respective houses throughout this pandemic. Teachers are quite busy printing and checking the modules of their students. After reviewing their students’ responses, they will enter the results into the e-class record and create a diagnostic and assessment test for the students. Aside from that, teachers are creating video demonstrations for the COT and writing daily reports that they submit online. Teachers are sick every day as a result of the mountains of paperwork they must complete at school and at home. Is it possible to change the role of teachers? Is it possible for teachers to solely focus on teaching? Should the number of extraneous activities and ancillaries that teachers must complete be reduced? I’m hoping that the Department of Education will reconsider how they assign duties to their teachers. The teachers are all out of breath. Many teachers commit suicide as a result of the amount of work they have to perform in the DepEd, and the principal becomes enraged when the teachers fail to comply with the reports. For this, teachers should be given unlimited time to complete their tasks. Teachers’ paper work in DEPED is quite stressful because the DEPED system is so laborious that teachers are attempting to reform it. As a result, teachers’ satisfaction is difficult to come by. – Doki | Helpline PH