Teachers Affect Eternity


Ronald Tenio Salada

Henry Brooks Adams who was an American historian, journalist and a member of Adams political family once said, “Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops.” The statement of Adams is absolutely true and correct. Teachers are really playing a very important part on the lives of their students. They have given a significant impact to the lives of all their students. In other words, they affect the lives of their students and for sure their students will always remember it for the rest of their lives. Teachers also serve as one of the ultimate role models of their students in doing their best so that they can go further and eventually achieve their dreams and aspirations in their lives.

Teachers bring out the best in every student and inspire students to always do good for their selves, their families, the community and the country in general. Teachers impart knowledge and values to the students. They are not only teaching students with the different lessons and concepts found in a book, but also lessons about real life. Teachers mold and develop students to become responsible citizens of the country and to become good leaders of the country in the future. Teachers guide students for them to be able to know what to do and what not to do as citizens of the country where they live. Teachers also act as the support person of the students, aside from their parents and guardians. Teachers are always there to guide and support every student.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the former president of Turkey said, “ A teacher is like a candle- it consumes itself to light the way for others “. Teachers give light to the students. They provide information which the students do not know. They give wisdom to the students that they can use for them to have a bright future ahead of them. Teachers teach students everything and anything under the heat of the sun and students can use all of these things as they face the future. Teachers really work hard in order to make the world a better place for the students.

Teachers do their work for the students with love and compassion. They stay awake until the wee hours or the period immediately after midnight just to prepare for their class the next day. They make lesson plans or lesson logs and some instructional materials to be used for their classes. They also check students’ papers, projects, performance tasks and others. They also mentor or coach students during competitions. They bring out the best in every student so that their talents and skills will be developed eventually. They conduct home visitations, remedial instructions, coaching and mentoring, guidance counselling and others for the benefit of the students. Teachers are really having plenty of roles and responsibilities because they are developing each and every student holistically.

Even at present, during the CoViD-19 pandemic, teachers are still doing their responsibilities for the students with love and compassion. They are still doing everything for the benefit of the students even if it is already distance learning. Teachers make video lessons and self-learning modules for the students during this new normal. Teachers teaching in the schools using the online distance learning are busy doing a lot of things that they are going to use in their online class like video lessons and others. Teachers assigned in schools applying printed modular distance learning are making printed modules for the students, sorting and packing the modules for the students, delivering modules even to far-flung areas, checking students’ papers, conducting constant monitoring of their students in order to know their current situation and others. They are doing all these things with love and compassion just for the sake of the students.

Teachers are really doing everything for the students. They are even sacrificing their own life and family just to be of great service to the students and to the country in general. Indeed, teachers really affect eternity. Because of that, it is really right and proper to help and support teachers, especially nowadays during the new normal.