Teacher Migration in 2023: While Brave Teachers Stay Put, Extraordinary Ones Seek Opportunities Abroad

Teacher Migration in 2023: While Brave Teachers Stay Put, Extraordinary Ones Seek Opportunities Abroad

Extraordinary teachers are leaving the country for better lives abroad in 2023. In the landscape of education and amid rising teacher migration, we see teachers as the unsung heroes. They shaped young minds and foster the leaders of tomorrow. Yet, year 2023 has been a very difficult year for these heroes. While many dedicated teachers choose to remain, many extraordinary teachers opt the opposite. They leave the country for better opportunities abroad, amplifying the teacher migration trend. This separation raised questions about the motivations, challenges, and implications of this trend.

The Brave Teachers Who Stay

Amidst the financial challenges and the backdrop of teacher migration, brave teachers choose to remain. These teachers showed remarkable resilience, navigating through the complexities of the education system. Despite the lack of resources and low wages, they remained. Their commitment to shaping the next generation often goes beyond mere classroom instruction. They become mentors, advocates, and beacons of hope in their communities.

These brave teachers choose to stay for various reasons. Most of them felt the sense of duty towards their students and communities. They recognized that their work is instrumental in bridging educational gaps, especially when teacher migration is on the rise. They believe in the transformative power of education. Determined to create a positive impact despite the challenges they face. But, will their bravery spread to all teachers in the country? The answer is a big NO.

The Exodus of Extraordinary Minds

On the other side, heightened by teacher migration, here are the extraordinary teachers seeking greener pastures. They are those who are brave yet smart to take action. They saw how pitiful it is to be a teacher in the country. Yes, teachers in the Philippines are always credited for their works. Yet, how will credits put food on the table for a big family? Teachers earned their degrees for four consecutive years. They took licensure exams and passed it to be able to work. They even get master’s degrees since it is a must in the new guidelines. However, those will be useless since their salary is still lacking.

These extraordinary teachers are smart in their decisions to leave for good. What is 27k here in the Philippines for 200k in Japan right? These extraordinary teachers leave the country in pursuit of better compensation. Of course, professional growth, and improved quality of life follow after. The allure of well-funded schools and modern teaching technologies abroad is irresistible and promising. These opportunities for personal and career advancement due to teacher migration are hard to find back home.

To conclude, all teachers deserve to have a good life. Yet, the government failed them. Extraordinary teachers don’t have to waste their time waiting for a miracle to come. They can create their own miracle by looking beyond the borders. – Avril | Helpline PH