Extraordinary DepEd Teachers Busying Over Paperworks

Extraordinary DepEd Teachers Busying Over Paperworks

Recently, DepEd teachers are busying over paperworks that won’t end. Bulk of reports and school papers are the reasons why teachers can’t even have a good night sleep. Aside from the actual work of preparing the modules, many more extra works arise. These workloads are extra ones from their original functions. These should suppose be the work of the people in the non-teaching area but teachers comply them. Most of the time, the district commands the submission of these papers immediately. Teachers can do nothing except to accept the work in front of them without hesitation. This is the common problem with DepEd, there is no system that is why they always ask same surveys and reports.

DepEd Teachers Busying Over Paperworks

These extraordinary DepEd teachers busying over paperworks are the most patient ones. No matter how hard the schedule or the situation is, they still comply the reports on time. Most teachers now are busy with their School Based Management (SBM). Many others are complying SMEA and CIGPs as well. All the data needed for these reports are from the subject teachers. The school needs the full cooperation of all workforce.

They say that DepEd teachers busying over paperworks is a cliché. Yes, it is true and will always be true as long as there are students and teachers together. The work does not stop here, this is only the beginning. In very school, the presence of a leader is a must but when a school does not have a leader, it will fall. In cases like this, all the teachers must work together.

You will never understand how a teacher feels during these times. When reports are on the spot and immediate, teachers can only rely on their laptops and data to finish. An ordinary person will become extraordinary upon all these bulk of works. – Clea | Helpline PH