Avoid teacher burnout in 10 absolute ways

Avoid teacher burnout in 10 absolute ways

Teacher burnout is very common in the society of teachers nowadays. It is already very clear that our teachers at present are much loaded compared to our teachers in the past. Their extra load adds up to the stress and exhaustion at their work. Teacher burnout will make you feel like you have nothing more to give.

If you are a teacher, you may have experienced teacher burnout also. Teacher burnout includes depression, withdrawal and many other symptoms. How will teachers avoid teacher burnout? 

Here are 10 ways to avoid teacher burnout:

1. Make a plan and set boundaries.

Planning ahead will give you a thorough guide on what to do first and last. It is more convenient to set a goal and never go over it. Time for work must be for work and time for the family should be for the family.

2. Choose to be with a circle of teachers of your kind and vibe.

Learn to be wise in choosing your circle of teachers. You must be with those who know you best front and back. Those who are frank and true to you. If you found these kinds of teachers, don’t lose them. They are your treasure inside your workplace. You can avoid teacher burnout by sharing to them and talking to them.

3. Self-care is a must.

When I say self-care, it means to include your healthy habit of sleeping which is very important. Teachers should not let their guard down as they age, more illness like to visit often. A good sleep is the foundation of good health of mind and body.

4. Learn to say “no” to extra responsibilities given when you have a full list.

Teachers, please avoid accepting responsibilities if your plate is full. There are many young teachers who can accept those works other than you. If you don’t want to become weary, then stick to one or two ancillary jobs.

5. Focus on the most happy and positive vibes in your environment.

Remember to always stay on the positive side of the road as always. Avoid negative vibes my dear teachers. This will help you avoid teacher burnout.

6. Avoid thriving in a place where negativities lurks.

Negative places in school where chaos starts and gossips bud. Avoid staying in places like this. It is better to be alone than be on a place where everything is toxic. Mindset is the key.

7. Don’t panic over “right there and then” reports.

All the time, your district will ask for reports in a hurry. Don’t panic over them. Remember, those reports are the work of your higher officials like your principal. Reports should not be in a hurry and it should always have timeline. 

8. Remember your purposes as a teacher.

Your purpose is to teach and nothing else. You can avoid teacher burnout if your mindset is this. Teaching is your job and your job is teaching alone. 

9. Avoid gossips at all cost.

Gossips are everywhere and most of the time there is an addition or deduction of topic. Stay out of it if you want peace of mind.

10. Pray for inner peace.

Don’t forget to pray and ask for guidance from above to let go of all the worries you have. Trust me, if you do this, your life as a teacher will be fruitful. – Alec | Helpline PH

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