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A Prison of Debt: True Struggles of Teachers Revealed this 2023

A Prison of Debt: True Struggles of Teachers Revealed this 2023

The struggles of teachers are always the blocking stone that keeps them awake at night. How well do we know their struggles? Teaching is often hailed as one of the noblest professions. Educators shape the minds of future generations and the next to come. Beneath the surface of these roles lie a harsh reality that many teachers face: a prison of debt.

In 2023, teachers will speak out, shedding light on financial challenges they endure. The struggles of teachers that always haunts their senses day and night. Here are some of the many experiences this article has summed up:

  1. Prison of Debt. Many teachers in DepEd have their payslip net amounting to 5k only. Imagine within the month, they will only receive that amount. It is because their loans and debts are skyrocketing. Instead of paying the pervious loan, they will re-loan for some very urgent matter.
  2. ATM cards are already pawned in the lending corporations. Most teachers in DepEd already pawned their ATM cards. It means that the net pay of 5k is already loaned. The lending institutions will get the card as a collateral. This one is very common and an addition to the struggles of teachers here in the Philippines.
  3. More debts outside. Since teachers don’t have any other means or resource, they will sort out to other lending. Most of this lending will offer high interest rates loan amount. Teachers will of course grab the offer thus adding to their problems.
  4. Health is another factor. When the body can’t contain the stress, it will give you illnesses. Then teachers in the Philippines don’t have a free consultation and hospitalization. When they are sick, they will take more loans for them to survive. This is one of the struggles of teachers nowadays. If you don’t have the money, then you will die.

The struggles of teachers do not end there. There are many activities from the department that needs immediate funding. This will push teachers to pull from their own pocket for these events.

Teachers always asked themselves when they will be free of this web of loans, this prison of debts. As long as their salary is the same and the commodities are already high, they don’t have a chance. They will stay in these piles of debts until the time they will retire. – Avril | Helpline PH