Teachers in the public school starter packs for the new normal way of learning

Teachers in the public school starter packs for the new normal way of learning

Since the eruption of this pandemic we are facing recently, it has been a “seesaw” effect on the part of the students and the teachers as to the vulnerable scenario that may affect the system of education in the whole country. It has not yet been confirmed if this coming September 13, 2021, will really be the start of the face-to-face interaction between the students and the teachers since it is very dangerous for everyone.  Even then, the public schools and the DepEd workforce are already prepared as to the possibility of any changes that may occur in the opening of classes for SY 2021-2022.

Subsequently in the month of June, teachers were already making themselves busy attending live Webinars conducted by different agencies linked with the Department of Education. There are also Webinars conducted by the Division to make sure that all teachers will really be prepared in the “new normal” way of teaching. No time is wasted during this pandemic since all teachers are busy doing their learning materials, modules, and activity sheets that will be distributed to the enrolled students for this school year. It means that the students will not be stagnant because they will be busy doing their activities at home and their learning will be continued despite the quarantine period.

Prior to everything that was mentioned, there are certain things that teachers prepared in advance as a sort of their “starter pack booster” in preparation for the new normal way (modular type or the virtual type) of learning:


1. PPE’S (Face Shield, Face Mask)

All public schools are required to have complete PPE’s in case the classes will resume on August 24, 2020. Face Mask and Face shield will be provided not only to the teachers but also the students.

2. Essentials (Foot Bath, Alcohol, Sanitizer, Disinfectant, Digital Thermometer)

The above-mentioned essentials are already purchased and readily available in the schools in preparation for the possible opening of classes in August.

3. Learning Materials (Modules, Activity Sheets)

Teachers are all well prepared with their learning materials which will be distributed to the students in the barangays. These modules and activity sheets will also be retrieved by the teachers with the schedule provided.

4. Gadgets (Laptops, Android Phone)

Even though the government has not yet provided the teachers with the necessary gadgets that will be used for the possible online classes, the teachers themselves made sure to have these gadgets to be used during the online lessons.

5. Wi-Fi Connection (Wireless, Pocket, Prepaid, Postpaid)

Gadgets will be useless without the internet so teachers also are preparing their modules with the use of the internet.

6. Ready classroom (in case there will be face-to-face interaction)

Just in case there will really be physical interaction, teachers already prepared their classrooms ready for the resume of classes.

This just simply implies that no matter what the problem of the country may be, education of the student is the topmost priority, but of course, with the pandemic still lingering around, the safety of our younger generations should not be risked. The new normal way of learning will then be tested from today and onwards. This is an implication that education is not just contained in the four walls of the classroom, but instead, it is dynamic and continuous. – Clea | Helpline PH