Do you agree that a teacher’s salary should start at 50k php?

Do you agree that a teacher’s salary should start at 50k php?

Do you agree that a teacher’s salary should start at 50K php? So, you all should know that our country is one of the countries in Asia with the lowest paid teachers. Thailand is much more better that is why teachers flee their country to start working there.

Actually, there was news that a few law makers pushed the salary upgrade for the teachers before. Guess what? They rejected the bill at the first reading. Then it come to a cycle that whenever a lawmaker pushed a bill, it will always get rejected. 

It is so heartbreaking to know that they didn’t want teachers to get the salary they deserve. When there is enough funding for some other projects that are not even necessary. It is clear that they looked down on us teachers for they are not lifting us up. They only need servants to fend their own needs.

Is it difficult to push through that teacher’s salary should start at 50K php? Why is it so hard for the government to raise the salary of their teachers? Their reasons are now spoiled and tainted for teachers are now open-eyed about the real thing. In the country where leaders have personal feelings over their work, people suffer.

Now, it is 2024 and still teachers are asking, voicing out their plea for a salary increase long due to them. Our eyes are now open and we know we are always used but are never given importance. We are the servants of the country but the country never loved us back. Unlike the other countries where they can give what their teachers needed the most.

It is only fair that a teacher’s salary should start at 50K php. All the commodities are getting higher and higher everyday. Yet, our salary is still the same. We have low salaries and we are now tired of this situation. When all other uniformed personnel have proper compensation why can’t teachers? Teachers are also uniformed personnel and they exert most effort always and everywhere. Hear their voices and change the country for good. – Avril | Helpline PH