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The salary of the teachers for this school year can’t compensate for their needs

The salary of the teachers for this school year can’t compensate for their needs

In the aftermath of Typhoon Odette, all commodity prices have risen. All basic commodities will continue to climb in price until this year (2022). Prices have the power to suffocate anyone, especially in this month of March, when most commodities have seen considerable price increases as a result of the conflict in Ukraine and Russia. When will the price hikes come to an end? Only God knows when to end it because He is the one who left and secured people in this extreme crisis. Since the war is not yet over, the impact of the global crisis is arising. All commodities have witnessed a sharp increase. Even employees who are paid on a regular basis are also affected today. Teachers’ and ordinary employees’ salaries were insufficient to cover their everyday expenses. How about our fellow Filipinos who have irregular jobs? Can they still sustain this crisis? The fact is that people who have irregular jobs may never survive this great crisis if the government does not take immediate action to respond to this crisis. It’s because the employees who have regular jobs have already felt the crisis much more than the jobless or irregular ones. As a result, there were a lot of thieves, hold-ups, robberies, and illegal drugs all over the place.

Is there a likelihood that teachers’ wages will receive another raise in addition to the one provided by the Senate’s allowed increase? This issue will be addressed by the new administrations that emerge after the upcoming election. They are the only ones who can tackle the challenges that teachers, as well as their peers, encounter. Teachers pray that those who sit on the thrones will have a love for teachers and all people, in order to alleviate the sadness brought on by poverty. The cost of basic commodities will eventually rise. Is it possible for the teachers to live better even if the situation worsens? Hopefully, the government and the Department of Education will intervene to assist teachers in their challenging circumstances.  

The deduction of the withholding tax is one of the reasons why teachers have previously taken out loans. Because the withholding tax has doubled, the increase is not visible. It’s difficult to survive when you’re drowning in debt. Is it still possible for the teachers to get up again? I don’t think so. The increase will depend on the decisions of the Senate. If they ignore the teachers’ request for a pay raise of double, well, it happens that teachers’ requests are not granted again. Teachers are still drowning in debt. Who are the politicians who have the power to make teachers’ demands a reality? Teachers should vote for presidential and local candidates who are committed to assisting teachers and have a strategy to provide teachers with a double raise before the school year (2022-2023) ends. If all the teachers pray for the granting of their increase request, I think nothing is impossible. – Doki | Helpline PH