Role of social media in education during the pandemic

Role of social media in education during the pandemic

What do you think is the role of social media in education this pandemic? Our recent situation a full proof of the adversity that the world is facing. Different countries have dealt with different strategies to cope up these trying times. The health of the people is at risk and the economy is down. The education setting is in a seesaw effect. It is very hard for the people to adjust to the new normal. Our country is still in struggle up to this day of writing this article.

Now, there is one platform that does all the majority of the work today. It is the social media. Most of the time it is the social media that helped us all with what we do recently. From working at home, online selling, online jobs, online entertainment and more. Both positive and negative things are in the social media.

Forget about the negative aspect of the social media and let us focus on its role in helping us with Covid. Not to mention is the role of social media in education scenario. So, how does social media helped the education set-up in the country?

  • Social media provides the students opportunities to empower themselves.
  • The social media is of big help in channeling education to the students.
  • It is the bridge that connects all institutions that helped in the realization of the new normal.
  • It helped maintain social connections and support networks.
  • It gives entertainment for the students whenever they fell bored.
  • It helped bolster the confidence and social skills of young people.
  • Social media give opportunity for the young to become content creators and managers.
  • It helped the students become collaborators and team players as well
  • The students become explorers and learn at their own pace
  • It helped teachers as well in learning new things relating to technology
  • Topics which are traditional and long can now accessible to students in only one click.
  • Teachers, education officials and students can communicate in an easy manner.

As long as internet access in concerned, social media is a big help to the education set-up of the country. Not to mention are the varied uses of the social media compressed into those listed above. The role of social media in education is BIG. Without social media, I don’t think we can still go on with our lives today as this pandemic is still lurking. – Clea | Helpline PH