REPA/PALUWAGAN SCAM: Teachers who are also victims of ease money (Repa/Paluwagan) Scam


The entire world was struck by a pandemic. There has been a downturn in the economy. Unemployment or being jobless affects a large number of people. Due to the lockdown, no products may be imported or exported, businesspeople are unable to travel, and basic necessities are prohibitively expensive. Many businesses are closed, and no schools are open. The deadliest COVID-19 is a massive explosion that transforms everyone’s anxiety into a nightmare. Depressions are exacerbated in some circumstances as a result of suicidal events in the family, such as when a father killed his own wife and children before killing himself in the midst of a crisis. There’s no way of knowing when it’ll stop, and there’s no way to stop it. Our only hope and weapon are trial vaccinations, social separation, facemasks and face shields, and, most importantly, prayers.

Many online and offline platforms have been developed to help. Some folks may have put their money on the different platforms online and offline only to meet their basic needs. Ease Money (Repa/Paluwagan) is an offline method of benefitting from your money.  Ease money is a slot in which the owner sells his own slot for a reduced price because of an emergency or because they can’t wait to acquire it. It is not an investment like KAPA or RIGEN, and there is no reason to be concerned if the handler is trustworthy. Purchasers are encouraged to buy ease money (repa/paluwagan) from the administration and resellers. They tempt consumers by posting it on Facebook or messenger with a statement like “100% DILI MOGUOL, LEGIT HERE, HANDLER PALUWAGAN UG REPA DIRI NAMU SA SIGURADO NA MARELEASAN MO”. English translation: Don’t be sad, this is completely genuine. Ease money’s handler assures you that your money will be returned. As a result, many people are interested in investing since, after one week, the cash you’ve spent will be returned to you, doubled or nearly half of what you put in on the date of release. For example, 20,000.00 will become 40,000.00. Unfortunately, this ease money (repa/paluwagan) did not endure long because it was discovered to be a hoax, with the admins or key admins leaving with billions of pesos in cash, while other admins utilized the ease money to buy resorts, houses, vehicles, jewelry sets, invest in businesses, and so on. Thus, thousands of customers have yet to get their funds, and resellers have declared ease money (repa/paluwagan) to be a scam. Many teachers were among the casualties, since they were lured to invest their money in order to meet the requirements of their families due to the crisis. Some teachers also become resellers, which provides additional money because, while receiving a monthly pay, teachers’ salaries are insufficient and they are burdened by numerous loans.

From this, many buyers’ troubles are exacerbated by the ease of money (repa/paluwagan), as their capital money has not been returned to them until now. Other resellers sold their homes solely to reimburse the buyers because the promissory certification only listed the resellers’ names, not the admins’. If the capital was not returned to the customers, the resellers faced numerous threats. There’s a ruckus brewing, with many consumers clamoring for their money back. They forced the resellers to repay the funds because the funds could have been utilized to meet their fundamental requirements. Ease money (repa/paluwagan) victims have been the hardest hit since they withdraw all of their money from the bank in order to make a lot of money. The unanticipated grief for resellers and customers, on the other hand, arrives. They came across a major ruse before to the release. After such a large-scale deception in their life, the victims are unsure where to begin.

We’ve heard that there were resellers who attempted suicide, and some who had already committed suicide, since their customers were constantly chatting, calling, and texting them with bad words, attempting to force them to refund the money. In any case, because resellers are the ones selling or urging people to buy the ease money, they are accountable for refunding the buyers. They couldn’t blame the customers for acting or saying hurtful things because money is scarce in this pandemic. Other victims of money’s ease are excavating their own graves in order to make money. They are willing to sacrifice their family’s requirements in order to buy slots in ease, believing that their money will return double or half of what they invested. Even the police and politicians want to help, but they don’t know where to start or where to look for the fraudsters, because ease money is a hoax, and the responsible administrators are nowhere to be found. I believe that this issue will be tough to resolve, that the buyers will ultimately lose out, and that it will continue to be a nightmare for all parties concerned.

The recent swindle has had a significant impact on the lives of the victims. This type of scam teaches people that ease money isn’t always legitimate and always ends up being a con. People should be cautious about investing money or joining any network that provides no guarantees, exchange items, or other evidence that the platform is legitimate. – Doki | Helpline PH