Top 10 accurate realizations as a DepEd teacher

Accurate realizations as a DepEd teacher

This pandemic has helped me realized various things related to my profession. I decided to jot these realizations as a DepEd teacher myself so that others may know how it’s like to be one of us.

After almost six years in the teaching field, there are things that I learned from it. This realizations as a DepEd teacher may somehow be the same with others as well.

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Here are my Top 10 Accurate Realizations as a DepEd Teacher.

I realized that…

1. New teachers are still idealistic. They tend to follow every single detail they learned during their practice teaching. They are stiff and strict with their rules and they are hardworking.

2. Senior teachers give most of the ancillary works to the young teachers. The young and able teachers will do most of the job during school events. Senior teachers are there to guide the young ones.

3. All teachers work to earn a living to survive. Like any other professions do, teachers teach to earn. It is hypocrisy if we tell you that we still love to work regardless the salary. We need to survive as well as you do.

4. Most teachers have huge amount of loans. It is the only way to survive while waiting for the salary once very month. The food we bring to the table for our family is three times a day but our salary comes only once a month.

5. Teachers do more paperwork than teaching itself. Our duties and responsibilities are somehow divided. Teachers are supposed to teach and facilitate the learners only. The truth is we do many roles aside from teaching.

6. If it’s about work, we have plenty of it and we never complain but if it’s time for our bonus, we are the last one to receive it. Teachers should receive what is due to them.

7. A teacher’s health is very delicate. Since we don’t have enough money for hospitalization in case we get sick, we try for alternatives.

8. Teachers are philosophers in the allegory of the cave. We have our own voice and yet we do not seek to speak.

9. Teachers are the first followers of the rules. They need their students to follow them and be thee epitome of greatness in their society.

10. Retired teachers don’t enjoy their retirement benefits. When the teachers are young and able, GSIS deduct their contribution on time. But when teachers get old, they can’t enjoy their long term contribution immediately. This is the saddest realization I had. – Clea | Helpline PH