Reasons why teacher’s unnecessary workload in the public schools should be removed

Why teacher’s unnecessary workload in the public schools should be removed

Teachers at present are busy fulfilling their duties as the new normal is ongoing. However, there are certain things that somehow are of additional work for them. There are unnecessary workloads that need to go away for them to be more efficient.

We are talking about the unnecessary paperworks that are ask by the division from time to time. It takes forever for certain paperworks and information to gather from every teacher. This ought to be the work of the secretaries and not teachers.

Here are the reasons why these unnecessary workload should be remove:

1. Instead of focusing on teaching, teachers will allot their time doing paperworks.

Teachers can’t focus on their main work and that is to teach. Some paperworks need more time than the main things for the lesson.

2. Teachers should not be the one doing the paperworks.

There should be individuals who are assign to do the paperwork like the secretaries. There are staffs in the offices but how come teachers are still the one who does more of it?

3. The information are ask many times in forever.

Most of the times, survey and forms come in and out and the questions are the same. We still lack the “system” that will allow us to gather the information that we need in only a click of the mouse. We are behind civilization.

4. Certain topics which sometimes teachers can’t relate are even included.

There are some reports that somehow are not related to being a teacher but still the teachers do the math.

5. They give the work, and the next day is the deadline.

Most of the time, they ask the teachers to do certain workloads and it is urgent. Deadline is automatic the next day. It’s a luck that teachers don’t complain more about works like this but this is common.

6. There are more things to do other than unnecessary workloads.

Teachers are to prepare their lessons, teach, check papers, record and compute grades. Those workloads that are not related to the field of teaching should be the work of the staff.

7. Teachers are to teach and nothing else.

Please give the teachers space. They are bound to teach their expertise. In the long run, pressure will result to bad things. The more the work assigned to teachers, the thinner the efficiency in teaching.

Thanks to all the efforts of all the teachers even though life and work is tough but still you serve your students. This pandemic is an eye opener to which we all should work together to normalize everything. – Clea | Helpline PH