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This pinoy teacher now soar high and earns 10x fold in Thailand after being rejected by a school in the Philippines

This pinoy teacher now soar high and earns 10x fold in Thailand after being rejected by a school in the Philippines

Pinoy teachers are always skillful and patient in any sense. Even if the opportunity does not permit one to be in a position, still they are hopeful for new phases. This will give us a way to know this pinoy teacher named JeraldRen Ferrer.

Teacher Ferrer is a Pinoy teacher that was never accepted at a private school in the Philippines. The school rejected him but in a new light he was able to find a teaching position in Thailand. His salary is 10x higher than what the private school offered. This grab the attention of the netizens.

This Pinoy teacher applied for a job in a private school in the Philippines. He knew from the start that he will only earn P7, 000 to P10, 000 per month yet he was ready for it. Unfortunately, he was not accepted by the unnamed school. It was then found out that he has mistakes in his lesson plan upon application. Although he was a little bit disappointed, still he continue to dream to be a full-fledged teacher.

The Pinoy teacher then decided to send an application online to become a teacher in Thailand. The following day, he got the job. That was the start of him earning around 20-25k baht or P40, 000 regular monthly.

Apart from his teaching job are his part-time tutorials which gave him around P60, 000 to P70, 000 per month. The most highlighted part is that he enjoys vacations and trips a lot. This is because he doesn’t have a lot of paper works to do unlike in the Philippines.

This Pinoy teacher proves that we can all dream big even with different struggles. If time does not permit you with a certain opportunity right now, wait for it. There will be bigger opportunities right after that failed one.

Here is his post:

“Philippines hello!

1 month ko na sahod sa Pinas, 4 days ko nalang kinikita dito sa Thailand.

Hindi ko nilalahat, para ito sa mga kapuspalad tulad ko na nangangarap. Minsan kahit gaano ka kasipag at Kahit magkanda kuba-kuba kana sa kakatrabaho sa Pinas, ang hirap padin umusad.

Don’t settle for less. Baka May Malaki din nag aantay sayo. Sipag, tyaga, diskarte at pananalig yan puhunan ko.”

– Avril | Helpline PH