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Intriguing truth: Professionalism versus personal interests in the public schools

Intriguing truth: Professionalism versus personal interests in the public schools

How is professionalism defined in the public schools? In general term, professionalism is a competence or skill expected of a professional. A professional person should conduct herself according to the good attributes expected. 

When professionalism is being covered by personal interest, it erases its meaning. Professionalism versus personal interest in the public schools is an intriguing topic.  Teachers, principals and PSDS’s of every district must adhere to professionalism always. Yet, it has been an observation that there are more of them who failed to practice it.

More often, personal interest surpassed professionalism. It is clearer that many professionals failed to practice professionalism. Instead, they let their personal interest matter most. 

One disadvantage when you are in the education industry is that all eyes and ears are into you 24/7. If you are a teacher or a government employee you must watch your words and your actions. You must be professional in all terms. Yet, there are those professionals whose personal interest prevails. 

Here are some instances where personal interest surpass professionalism:

  • teachers backbiting each other and being “fake” in front of other teachers 
  • a principal who can’t decide on his/her own thus catering all opinions creating confusion
  • teachers fighting over a small issue over and over and over again during meetings
  • teachers doing under the table planning for their own promotions neglecting other candidates 
  • a PSDS discouraging her subordinates instead of lifting them up
  • OICs or PSDS who always wanted lavish eating during events with food catering

With the mentioned scenarios above, do you agree that you have experienced it as well? As for me and my school, we all have those that are mentioned. Professionalism is being aware of how you act or conduct yourself alongside others. Well, if you can’t act a professional in this simple occasions, then you are not one.

As public school teachers, principals PSDS or OICS, we are all expected to:

  • learn to be patient even if your blood is boiling with anger
  • avoid fights with co-teachers all the time 
  • avoid backbites and rumors inside the school campus (after all you are role models)
  • support other teachers in the simplest ways possible
  • support your subordinates and lift their spirits up
  • avoid showcase of gluttony during events with delicious food served
  • act professional and be professional towards your students and other clientele
  • wait for your turn for promotion, do not be selfish enough

These very simple things are easy to follow if you wanted to act professional all the time. This is very crucial in your workplace and as you try to socialize with other people. Alec | Helpline PH