Teachers must strictly practice professionalism despite modernization

Teachers must strictly practice professionalism despite modernization

Teachers show professionalism at all times at any cost despite any obstacles. When you are a teacher, people are expecting too high and too much from you. 

In the past decades, there is no doubt that teachers follow all the standards asked from them. From the way they act in front of many people to the way they dress and even their personal stuffs. They are bound to follow the bible of education or the Code of Ethics of teachers.

At present, the Code of Ethics of teachers is still intact and well followed. As time is changing, as the years passed and as old teachers retire and new ones blossom, changes are also there.

One change is the way our teachers behave and dress themselves outside the workplace. Many new teachers are now very liberated that somehow they forgot they are also teachers. Teachers must always show professionalism at all cost but sometimes it vanishes.

Some new teachers posed on social media with their provocative bikini attires. Take note, your social media is public and your students can see your stories or what you do outside. It is as if you are an open book to everybody.

Well, I am never against using bikinis on beaches and pools since it is the proper attire for it. The only thing I am most concern about is posting it on social media or in their stories. The students can see it so they will think it is okay to pose and post like that in social media. 

New teachers should understand that there is no problem with the way they dress outside. The only thing that they should always remember is that they are professionals. What they do and wear should not be always updated via their social media account. They must learn to be private. That’s all. 

We are teachers and we are also ordinary humans who like strolling and taking pictures as well. Yet, we should maintain professionalism and we should always protect our image. We should not be an open book to all people in our social media accounts. 

Teachers must always practice professionalism despite modernization! – Alec | Helpline PH