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Our Teachers are Our Special Mothers

Our Teachers are Our Special Mothers (A Mother’s Day Special)

I would like to tell the whole world that our teachers are our special mothers. Yes, indeed! As we grow older, it is then that we realize the value of our teachers in our entire existence. From preparatory school, to senior high school, the presence of our teachers is there. Our life must have been very different if teachers are not around.

Our teachers are our special mothers, they are actually our second mothers in the school. In the house, our parents are the first teachers and inside the four wall of the classroom, they are our TEACHERS. It is the school where we go that mold us to what we are at present. Looking back, I realized how lucky I am to experience being a student. How can our teachers be our special mothers?

  • In the classroom, the teacher is the one who guide us on everything. They teach us the academic aspect as well as the right conducts.
  • Teachers never abandon their students, they go all the way with their students.
  • They give their students the warmth of being a parent inside the classroom.
  • Teachers can feel the agony and happiness of their students.
  • Teachers are happy of their student’s achievements and are more supportive all throughout.
  • Teachers can sacrifice things for their students.
  • Teachers are ready to defend their students in any difficult circumstances.
  • Our teachers are our great mentor and motivators.
  • Memories create memories and that is what our teachers gave us.
  • Most of all, teachers do care a lot of the welfare of their students.

So, upon reading all these, you can tell why our teachers are our special mothers as well I guess. So, when you have a chance, thank your teachers who are your motivators to stay positive in life. Happy Mother’s Day to all teachers out there and may you continue nurturing young minds. – Clea | Helpline PH