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Discover the top 5 on-demand must have classroom items for the conducive learning of students this 2022

Discover the top 5 on-demand must have classroom items for the conducive learning of students this 2022

Speaking of on-demand must have classroom items, teachers do have many items on the list. Modern technology hits the globe and different countries are trying to go with it. Education is much simple if the government can see through it. 

These on-demand classroom items can help the transition of knowledge to the students. It is only in the Philippines where education is not updated. Even the simplest gadgets is scarce and even the classrooms. If only the government will provide the schools with these on-demand classroom items.

Here are the top 5 on-demand must have classroom items for every schools:

1. Smart TV

This on-demand item is very helpful for the students to be able to see real pictures and videos. If teachers will stick on their books, students will only imagine things. By letting them learn with the aid of a television, their learning is wide and clear.

2. Loud speakers

Speakers will support the students who love to listen to real videos and lessons. This will help them learn by listening to things in a clear way.

3. Laptop

Each classroom should have a laptop or a desktop which will connect with the projector. This laptop also will help the teacher do her lessons in a certain period.

4. Projector

It will make the presentation broader and those students who can’t see at the back can now interact. Projectors will aid the learning for the students in many ways.

5. Microphone

This on-demand classroom must have is very important to make sure all learners hear. This will help the teacher not making their voice becomes hoarse due to longer lessons.

These on-demand classroom items will make a change for every Filipino student. If only the government will take a risk and invest on these items instead. These classroom must-have items will help the students learn not only on books. Students can see the actual photo of a certain object. Students will never imagine anymore what they could not see.

DepEd should adapt these changes and take it to higher levels. If they wanted proper learning, then this is the answer. We will never know unless we try and experience.Alec | Helpline PH