Top 10 On-Demand TESDA Training for Teachers

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Top 10 On-Demand TESDA Training for TLE Teachers

There are many on-demand TESDA training for TLE teachers recently. Today’s ranking process is too much different compared to the past years. Today’s teachers are way too aggressive in competing for promotion. It is important for them to be skillful and knowledgeable on their field of expertise.

Academic teachers and TLE/TVL teachers differ on the way they relay their lessons. TLE/TVL teachers follow TESDA guidelines thus teachers need more training. In return, trained teachers will also their students in the schools. These on-demand TESDA training for TLE teachers are accessible through different TESDA platforms. These training will entail number of days to finish including the assessment. The assessment center will provide you a certificate upon completion. To give the aspiring TLE teachers hint on these, we gather the most relevant training for them.

Here is the list of the Top 10 on-demand TESDA training for TLE teachers out there:

  1. Cookery
  2. Food Processing
  3. Bread and Pastry Production
  4. Food and Beverage Services
  5. Housekeeping
  6. Dressmaking
  7. Bookkeeping
  8. Automotive Servicing
  9. Shielded Metal-Arc Welding
  10. Hairdressing

These courses/training have different hours to complete depending on the course itself. If a teacher is planning on getting one, he/she may proceed to any TESDA office for inquiries on the training. You have to take note that each training has a corresponding payment if it is not given for free. Some assessment center may give scholarship and it’s for free until assessment. You may also refer to TESDA website for the complete list of their courses/training offered.

For aspiring teachers who wish to enter DepEd, you may take one or two or more of these training. The certificates you can gather will give you more points in the ranking process. Take note that the courses/training above are the most offered in the public schools. There are still many courses/training that may catch your attention.

Important tip:

TLE/TVL teachers have the edge if they have a certificate in Trainers Methodolgy (TM1) – if they wish to teach SHS – Clea | Helpline PH