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Public schools should eye for the “NO READ, NO PASS” policy for strict implementation

Public schools should eye for the “NO READ NO PASS” policy for strict implementation

Implementation of the “No Read No Pass” Policy in the public schools is a way to ensure quality education. If only the department is willing to adapt to this to make changes to the norm of the public schools. Teachers can’t deny the fact that their pupils proceed to the next level even if they can’t read.

The department should eye for the strict implementation of “No Read No Pass” Policy. It is very important to cut through the main problem before it gets worse.

Here are the reasons why strict implementation of the “No Read No Pass” Policy is a must in all public schools:

1. More and more pupils from elementary proceed to high school even if they can’t read.

This is 100% true in the public schools. The high school teachers will have to double their effort since most Grade 7 students can’t read. The foundation should be in the elementary years so it is very vital to foresee those who can’t read. In that way interventions will be made.

2. Students who can’t read can’t comprehend to the new lessons introduced by the teachers.

Elementary is the foundation of everything. Pupils should at least can read syllables if not the phrase or whole sentence. The pupils will have to read in preparation to high school. In high school, the lessons are already focused on mastery and practice. If a student can’t read, the teacher will start from scratch.

3. The quality of education is not anymore the quality we wanted to achieve.

Whether we like it or not, the education we have at present is not the quality we wanted to be.

4. Students can’t even write simple letters and essays anymore.

In the past decades, students can write simple letters and they can read simple stories well. Nowadays, students can’t even read a simple sentence anymore. In connection, they can’t also write their own stories or essays. The use of technology corrupted their minds and made them lazy.

5. If students can’t read, then they can’t also speak and write thus coming to school is a joke and a slap to the educators.

Students go to classes but in return they cannot read long stories or speak the language the way we did many years ago. It is sad to note that the evolution of education is a total waste. – Alec | Helpline PH

16 thoughts on “Public schools should eye for the “NO READ, NO PASS” policy for strict implementation”

  1. Based on my experiences in tutoring and teaching “mass promotion ” is the main cause of it. Reading comprehesion and basic operations in math hindi alam.

  2. 1. Abolish 163 policy. It is because teachers can’t force anymore pupils to stand to do board work and even read what is written on the board. This policy teaches pupils to become lazy.
    Teachers cannot scold anymore the pupils if they don’t do their assignments or projects. And there are some parents who tolerate the malpractices of their pupils and always blame teachers.
    2. Parents should follow up their child’s assessment or outputs in schools.
    3. Barangay officials should help teachers through formulating programs that motivates parents to actively engage in monitoring the activities of their children.

    1. You have the idea…
      There are array of factors that hinder the performance of schoolchildren; family, social, genetic, values, system, etc… As we are always right in our own way, my remarks goes like to have a strong political leader that views education as the first indicator for a nation building.

  3. Should have been done long time ago.The DepEd supervisors should fight for this, they are assumed to be bright than their teachers.

    1. Sad but it is true, high school pero hindi magawa ng simple sentence, ipinapasa nalang kahit hindi marunong, gagawa nalang ng project para may gradea

  4. I am a teacher in Grade 7, most learners who don’t know how to read are LSENs/Learners with Special Educational Needs. It is very hard to deal with them, ’cause they are enrolled in a regular class. Please all, suggest some interventions for them.

  5. Sana ibalik na ung dating grading system kung bagsak bagsak talga at need ibalik ibalik
    Mahirap yung tumataas ung level nila tapos non reader at slow reader pa din..basic math hirap pa simple sentence hirap pdin samantlang kame dati grade 6 nakapag essay na.
    Mahihirapan for sure ung next teacher
    Sana bago mag pasukan sa aug.22
    Mag ka screening mga bata tulad ng ibang public school sa hs sa lahat ganun para malaman kung anu at saan sila dapat bigyan pansin..

  6. Agree ako d2 sa suggestions mo ma’am.Sa tingin ko naman kung bakit hindi maipatupad yang No read,No pass s ibang public schools kasi ayaw ng mga school heads and supervisors na ma bad shot cla sa taas( Regional Office) kung kaya ang mga teacher ang pinepressure nla.Si teacher naman para makapagpahinga naman dahil napagod sa isang school year na overworking, ipapasa na lang si student.Mali pero mas pipiliin ni teacher na ganun ang gawin kesa naman magkasakit dahil sa fatigue at stess.

  7. wag lang sa elementary mag focus kundi pati sa. junior high din may mga nakagraduate ng slow reader p din kht basic math hirap pa din..
    mas focusan din mga high school kasi mas mataas na ung level na ..
    baguhin na sana grading system

  8. Sana obligahin din Ng mga magulang na mag aral Ang mga bata sa bahay kahit aabado’t linggo I review pinag aralan Ng mga bata sa loob Ng Isang linggong nagdaan….Hwag iasa lahat Kay teacher

  9. 1. Abolish 163… I would like to suggest to focus on 3Rs.
    2. Ibalik ang Formal Theme Writing from Grade 4 to 6.
    3. Dapat, sa Grade 2 na Master na ang Multiplication Table and Cursive Writing. Because most of the pupils today do not know how to write properly and cannot solve Mathematics problems involving Multiplication and even other Math Fundamental operations.
    4. Grade 3 to Grade 6 teachers should have a good hand writing or penmanship for them to be easier to follow up with the student’s penmanship or correct hand writing.
    5. I can help improve the penmanship of students following the correct position of hand writing or cursive writing.

  10. I’m a grade teacher for 26 years para sakin sana kht 1st sem. Lng concentrate sa 3r’s for sure Bago matapos Ang 1st sem. medyo ok na sila

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