Top 5 reasons why teachers are negative about the twice a month salary release

Top 5 reasons why teachers are negative about the twice a month salary release

The move for twice a month salary release for teachers is now approved by the secretary of education. Different comments and opinions from teachers all over the country arise. This will be for all DepEd personnel including teachers.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Teachers are Negative about the Twice A Month Salary Release:

1. It Doesn’t Make A Difference!

The salary amount is still the same and it does not make a difference at all.

2. Total Waste of Time and Effort for the Payroll Makers as Well as Teachers

For the payroll makers, it will be an addition to their job since they will adjust to release it twice every month. For teachers, it is a total waste of time to go to the banks or ATMs twice per month. Not to mention is the charge from the withdrawal.

3. Only Applicable for the Master Teachers and Principals and Higher Supervisors

Only those with high salary will be happy about this. This will be applicable for the Master Teachers, Principals, District Supervisors and Heads. For Teacher1 to Teacher 3, this is a total nightmare.

4. Extra Charge from the Banks Upon ATM Withdrawal

The banks will be happy about this news. They can charge for the withdrawal twice a month as well. Imagine how big they can accumulate if all teachers will withdraw from other banks? There is no choice especially for those who are from far away places. Most of the time only selected ATMs are available in town.

5. Will be Bothersome to Teachers with the Lowest Net Pay

Most teachers nowadays have net pays lower than 6k. It means their net pay will also be into two having 2,500 per quincena as the net. No wonder teachers are negative about this transition.

On the other side of the boat, there are also teachers who are positive about this. Form the 100%, there is 5% of teachers who are positive on this change. Those who are not having financial struggles are the ones who like the idea.

The twice a month salary release will be effective on January 2022. Teachers above all are still hoping for their increase not being on staggered basis. The increase they are voicing out long time ago that they needed and deserve. – Clea | Helpline PH