Cash incentives and bonuses, not certificates, will be the highest form of motivation for teachers in 2023

Cash incentives and bonuses, not certificates, will be the highest form of motivation for teachers in 2023.

The highest form of motivation for teachers this 2023 will be in the form of cash. Of course, this is aside from their basic salary which comes once every month. Let us not move around the bush here. Teachers are also like everybody else who worked their ass off for money. We all work for money to be able to compensate for our daily needs. Money revolves around us and you will be a hypocrite if you say teachers are eager to work beyond limit. That will be the lamest excuse to hide their true cries and struggles.

DepEd should look upon this motivation for teachers and must make way to install it. Cash incentives have undeniable appeal as a form of motivation. The prospect of increased income can attract individuals to the teaching profession. It will help keep experienced educators. It can also serve as a means to recognize and reward outstanding performance. Paper-based recognition is long been due. It is not anymore helpful in the present scenario in the education sector. Even experienced teachers tend to resign from their post to grab opportunities abroad. If DepEd and the government will make way for this change, teachers will stay for good. This further encouraged teachers to strive for excellence.

Cash as a form of motivation for teachers will always make a difference in a huge way. Here are the advantages of cash incentives for teachers:

  1. Attracting and Retaining Talent. Competitive compensation packages can attract skilled experienced teachers to remain in the field.
  2. Recognizing Excellence. Cash incentives can acknowledge exceptional teachers and reinforce a culture of achievement. It will inspire educators to go above and beyond in their roles.
  3. Supplementing Income. In regions with lower salaries or economic instability, cash incentives are a plus.

Cash is the highest form of motivation for teachers not only in the Philippines but around the globe. Teachers work with passion and loyalty but they should also be well compensated. Remember, an individual who is happy with his/her work mirrored his/her satisfaction for the job. If the job pays well, then everybody is happy. – Avril | Helpline PH