Heartwarming and Memorable Throwback of the Students in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s

Heartwarming and Memorable Throwback of the Students in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s

Memorable throwback of the simple education in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s will always put a smile on our faces. This is because most of the teachers we have today were once the products of these decades. Now, these products are our teachers, engineers, nurses, pilots, doctors and many more.

Let us have a memorable throwback of how simple was the life of the students and teachers back then. Life in those decades was very simple and cellphones were not part of the lives of the people. Yes, cellphone is life at present but we can’t deny that our lives before were much happier in simplicity.

Who would have thought that a simple slambook in those years will make our hearts flutter? Lives were simple yet very enjoyable back in the days. A memorable throwback is always on our list if it means happiness. Not to mention, our games played before makes us active and sharp-minded. Unlike today, students no longer have that active mindset since there is technology.

In those decades, teachers can discipline their students the way they wanted. Teachers and students have a very good relationship with respect. Students were courteous and industrious and were honest. Students listened very well to their teachers without much problem. Books were the best resource for education. Those were the days when students learn with respect and teachers teach with a full heart.

A memorable throwback is worth digging when the students were hook up with studying only. In those decades, students know the boundaries of being a human. Students enjoy simple hanging out with friends. They enjoyed the company of each and there is no room for depression. Not until today, when we can’t understand students anymore.

The fact is that those past decades depict simple way of living and education is much enjoyable. At present, those things mentioned above were long gone.Alec | Helpline PH