Top 5 reasons why living with loans is a tragedy everyday

Top 5 reasons why living with loans is a tragedy everyday

I am a teacher by profession and I tell you that living with loans is a tragedy everyday! As a teacher with a family to feed every month, I will never get shy telling my readers that I too have many loans. Yes, I have loans like most teachers do and these loans make me go crazy everyday.

So, let me share to you my top 5 reasons why living with loans is a tragedy everyday.

1. 5K net take home pay will never make you smile every month. 

Salary loans will cut your net take home pay to the least amount accepted in your payslip. This means you can no longer avail of any loans once your deductions are on peak.

2. It’s hard to breathe everyday knowing you still have unpaid dues waiting. 

One loan can save you from difficulty but it will somehow add up to the problem if the interest keeps going high. It is something that will haunt you everyday. Plus the calls from other debtor if you can’t pay on time. 

3. Undeducted loans will accumulate another interest if not deducted on time. 

For some reasons, I realized that it is hard to cope up with the layer of interest applied to the loans. 

4. It is difficult to sleep at night thinking where to borrow again for other finances.

It is difficult to sleep when all you can think of is the next day. You will worry where to get money to pay the dues.

5. Time will come that you will use all you loan options and nobody likes to extends help anymore when you need it. 

This is for certain. When you use all your payslip and you pawn your ATM card, you will realize that the world is on your shoulder. Nobody can help you anymore so where are you gonna go? This is the worst nightmare ever.

So you see, living with loans is a tragedy everyday for all teachers. If you still have choices other than getting a loan, think about it twice. – Clea | Helpline PH