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How will the government invest on the teachers?

How will the government invest on the teachers?

“The critical variable for effective learning to happen is to invest on the teacher.” -Prof. Clarita Carlos, SMNI Presidential Debate 2022

This quote from Dr. Clarita Carlos is an eye-opener to every high official in our government and to DepEd. It’s as if all the teachers who watched this SMNI debate can only agree on this. This is a proof that our educational situation at present is not that promising.

So, how will the government invest on the teachers to achieve effective learning?

1. The government should make sure they install the “exact” officials/staff in DepEd.

This means to hire the correct personnel that can perform their roles and functions. DepEd will not grow if the government will install people because of kinship, etc. 

2. The government should consider re-allocating ample amount of budget for DepEd. They must also see to it that the allocated budget go straight to where it should be.

They knew education is very important so an ample amount of budget is the best. No buts and ifs, they must make sure that the budget is safe and will serve its purpose.

3. DepEd should plan/schedule seminars and training for each different subject.

Seminars alone won’t do. Proper hands-on training is a must for every teacher. The best teacher is experience and it will help develop the different skills of the teachers. “Action speaks louder than words.”

4. Training and seminars must not be re-echoed from the previous ones. It should be realistic and output-driven.

All the time, teachers attend re-echoes but it is not worth it. The truth is that teachers do also get bored during speeches from speakers. But if they do it themselves, it is like hitting two birds in a stone. Let them do it. Let them train as professionals.

5. DepEd should provide the necessary materials and equipment that are vital.

What good will all the training do if there are no proper materials and equipment to use? We already have classrooms yet we lack the necessary equipment. Teachers don’t need air-conditioned rooms, they need a simple classroom with simple windows. Ample chairs will be beneficial and of course, the tools and equipment for learning. Ex. (How will teachers train to process food if they don’t have processing equipment?)

6. DepEd must return the fluency of English as the second language to all teachers.

As observed, some teachers are no longer well-versed in the language. If this will go on then our students as well might not speak the English language with confidence. Let us try to return the times when children in the lower grades can speak the language with ease. It starts with all the teachers even the Filipino teachers in their spare time can speak it. Ex. (The Sisters of Mary Schools are training all their students to speak English all day long. It doesn’t matter if their accent is different so as to call it “Carabao English”. As long as they are used to talking the language and training their tongues everyday. Trust me, I am a product of this school so I knew the process. Of course, students speak Tagalog during Filipino subject but after that, back to English.)

I guess these are the major things the government should do to invest on the teachers. If these will become a reality, a major change will amaze us. – Clea | Helpline PH