Intelligence and Good Attitude Both Necessary to Survive School

Intelligence and Good Attitude Both Necessary to Survive School

As a person, we possess different traits, talents, and attitudes. We react differently to situations. We think differently regarding circumstances. We think differently and act differently from each other. As human beings, our intelligence varies. We have the so-called multiple intelligences based on Howard Gardner’s theory. The multiple intelligences are described as Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence, Mathematical-Logical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence, and Existential Intelligence.

When it comes to attitude, we display different levels of kindness or positivity in our attitudes. Some may exhibit more kindness while others may show very little to almost none. As a student and teacher, we have different levels of intelligence and attitude positivity. Some students excel academically but lack empathy towards others and think highly of themselves while others are highly considerate about others but lack the intelligence needed in school or any other activities. This is a real problem as intelligence (any intelligence that belongs to the multiple intelligences) and attitude should go hand in hand.

Intelligence without a good attitude won’t get you any further in school and the same thing goes for Attitude. When we are at school we are taught about different types of intelligence that is why we have different subjects that contain different sets of lessons for a specific type of intelligence. We are also taught about good attitude and values in life. A good attitude is something that will not only help us survive school but also in real life. While we are at school we must learn to accept that we need to learn both to survive school.

A teacher who possesses high intelligence in his/her field of expertise but lacks empathy and kindness to his/her students does not become an effective teacher. Students will most likely fear him/her instead of respecting the teacher. Some students might not even attend his/her class anymore due to fear of rejection. If a teacher is abundant with positivity in her attitude like being kind but lacks mastery and intelligence about her subjects, then many students might not be interested in her/his subject anymore.

A student who exhibits superb intelligence in his subjects but does not empathize or show kindness to others will be alone and will have difficulty to socialize with other students and even teachers. He or she may feel being left out since nobody wants to be a friend to a person who only thinks highly of themselves. This kind of situation will affect the child’s emotional needs thus resulting in a more problematic situation that impedes the total development of a child. Every problematic situation that arises threatens the survivability of a child in school. If a child is very sociable and has all the positivity in her attitude but lacks intelligence is also a big problem. The child is prone to the criticism of his/ her peers as well as with teachers who have problematic attitudes also.

In a modern school that is full of critics and bullies, one must learn to be prepared to blend in. It is okay to be different but we also need to realize that no man is an island and that we are all connected because we are designed to help one another and not to be alone and forsake others. In school, one must learn that he/she also needs a good and positive attitude to survive and that relying on intelligence alone will impede the person’s capability of developing one’s self for a better future not only in school but also in real life. – Karie | Helpline PH