There are several factors that can influence teachers’ ability to be role models, generous, and enrich students’ lives

There are several factors that can influence teachers’ ability to be role models, generous, and enrich students’ lives

Teachers take an oath to enter the teaching profession, which is both a vocation and a call. Entering the teaching world is difficult since it is difficult to handle or manage students in order for them to learn. Some teachers are unwilling to devote their time to their students because they believe that, as long as they are paid on a monthly basis, they are unconcerned with their students’ learning. This is the viewpoint of other teachers who are uninterested in teaching, especially if the salary is small and not enough to buy basic necessities for their families. However, not every teacher shares this vision for their classroom. Some teachers are particularly worried about the progress of their students. Despite the difficulties in their lives, they still continue to give quality education. They are always concerned about whether their instruction is appropriate for their students, especially in light of the instructional resources that they use.

The competence and willingness of teachers to teach students may result from the students’ learning. Students, like their teachers, do not listen to their teachers if they are not interested in learning. Teachers are in the same boat. If the teachers are uninterested in teaching their students, they may not have prepared their lesson, leaving the students with no opportunity to learn. This is something I believe both students and teachers have in common. Students are observers as well, since they compare one teacher’s teaching to that of other teachers. Students would give negative criticism if the teacher was too casual and sluggish in explaining the subject. For example, to kill time, teachers assign students to copy the lesson from the book onto the board. This means the teachers are not prepared for their lessons, in which they adopt a conventional teaching style. With this method, students’ learning is at risk. Teachers should arrive at school prepared, because how can they impart lessons to their students if they don’t know how to present them? There were students who were smarter and knew more than their teachers. These situations can be avoided if teachers spent time studying and were resourceful all of the time.

There are several factors that can influence teachers’ ability to be role models, generous, and enrich students’ lives, such as;

  1. Teachers are unprepared because they are preoccupied with their personal interests. Therefore, teachers are on the sidelines because their incomes are insufficient to support their families.
  2. They are breadwinners because their husbands have not been working. Aside from supporting their parents and siblings and their brothers’ education, they have children to be supported.
  3. Teachers continue their education by pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees.
  4. Teachers are either single mothers or single fathers, and they work double shifts just to make ends meet.
  5. Structuring of classrooms also comes from teachers’ pockets.
  6. Teachers are emotionally problematic due to the infidelity of their partners.

Teachers’ financial, physical, and emotional concerns have a significant impact on teaching. There were several difficulties that teachers faced that no one could see because they were not in their shoes. As a result, DepEd should assist teachers rather than bury them in debt. Encourage teachers by assisting them in raising their salaries. If the best teaching is provided, the best learning can be reaped. – Doki | Helpline PH