Realtalk: Some heads graduated Masteral and Doctoral Degree yet they are inefficient

Realtalk: Some heads graduated Masteral and Doctoral Degree yet they are inefficient

Some heads graduated masteral and doctoral degree yet they aren’t that good enough. Do you agree with this? 

Each person is unique in every ways so as all the teachers in their different field of expertise. Yet we can’t deny the fact that there are a few who are not that expert enough for their position. 

In the public schools, promotion is easy when you graduated masteral and doctoral. If a teacher is a graduate of both, expectations are high. Yet, there some teachers who claim that there are many of them who are not efficient in their field.

Here are some observations from ordinary teachers:

1. Many graduated masteral and doctoral degrees that are not functioning well.

This is true to most master teachers who are lazy enough to handle their own things. They delegate their work to the lower ranked teachers.

2. Most of them delegate their work to their Teacher I

They give their work to the ordinary teacher 1 but the appreciation are theirs. It is so sad that the efforts made by the ordinary teachers are nothing.

3. They do have papers but they are not efficient in their field 

They have credentials and papers that they graduated yet, they don’t have the skill to be one.

4. Some of them can’t even write their personal letters

Many principals can’t create their own letters and ask their English teachers to do it. If you are a principal, you should be good at everything.

5. Some of them can’t even speak for their school

Some only enjoy their salary but can’t even speak up for their school. When you are a Master’s Degree holder and a Doctor’s Degree holder you should be excellent speaker.

These observations support that some are only good with their credentials. They have papers to support their claim of being a Masters and Doctors degree holder. Yet, they are not doing well in their positions. 

These may not be true to all public schools. Many of our Master Teachers are good and functioning well. The point is that, not all heads are doing well in performing their task. They only have papers claiming they are good but the truth is translucent to the people around them. 

If you are a Master Teacher, or head or principal do your work well and do not delegate your work to your teachers. Your teachers are there to teach and not work for you. You are all equal in the eyes of the department since the department is the one giving your salary. Walk the talk. Function and be a good leader. Don’t be a disappointment. – Alec | Helpline PH