7 Heroic Acts of Teachers: Need a Salute and a Considerable Reward

7 Heroic Acts of Teachers: Need a Salute and a Considerable Reward

Heroic acts can be performed by all people willing to help others in need. Films like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and others depict heroic acts. Not every deed is courageous; it all relies on how you save people’s lives or treat them. Many people aspire to be heroes, but how can they achieve their goals? Is it workable to achieve the status of hero? Deciding to become a hero is a wise one. You can become a hero in a problematic scenario, especially if you are saving the lives of people who are hungry and in danger.

Youngsters like imitating the actions of the movie’s heroes. Those children adore those who conduct heroic acts because they easily grasp what is good and evil even at a young age. This is one of the reasons why some teachers like to share stories with their students about heroic activities. When the teachers tell stories about their favorite heroes, the students pay close attention. What about educators? Do they have teachers who have performed heroic acts on their students? There are seven heroic acts that teachers perform for their students:

1. The teachers support students who cannot continue their studies due to financial crisis through Agak.

2. The teachers support students who suffer from poverty through working students.

3. Many teachers provide financial support for their student’s education by giving scholarships.

4. When the students go to school without breakfast, teachers will provide meals.

5. When the students can’t come to school and have many absences, the teachers make a home visit, bringing the instructional materials to let the students fill in the missing days.

6. The teachers follow up on students who have failing grades by visiting their homes to meet the parents and convince them to return to school.

7. The teachers also support students abused by their father or mother, especially rape victims.

Teachers for their students perform many heroic acts. Others may not notice since they are oblivious to the truth. Being a teacher is difficult because their services are primarily focused on teaching and school paperwork, aside from domestic responsibilities. They bring their schoolwork home to keep up with all of the reports and other obligations. Many students and parents visit teachers’ homes to seek assistance if the students are having difficulties with their grades or any other issues that may influence them. As a result, the term “teacher” is difficult to define because a teacher’s job includes educating and multitasking. Being pliable individuals, they need a salute and a considerable reward. – Doki | Helpline PH