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Free and permanent health card for teachers: A massive call for a quick implementation this 2022

Free and permanent health card for teachers: A massive call for a quick implementation this 2022

Free and permanent health card for teachers is a call that must be a priority. The government should give ample amount of time to consider this plea from the teachers. Teachers are voicing out so the government will give them health assurance. This has been long due for the teachers in service.

It is a fact that teachers don’t have the necessary funds to appropriate for their health. Free and permanent health card for teachers will be of great help to them to survive. To notice, many teachers nowadays suffered from many terminal illnesses. These illnesses may be due to the workload of teachers in the public schools.

Teaching at present requires intense effort and strength. As the years progresses, teachers are bound by the many works they need to finish at all cost. Teachers render their service 24/7 without any complaints. Not all people notice the heavy burden they carry and yet they are not given priority. Many of them suffered from stress, over fatigue, depression, anxiety and many more.

A human body is susceptible to many ailments if not treated in a proper way. Annual general check-up and follow-up test are a must. Teachers need to see if their body is working good even with the bulk of workloads they have. They need an assurance and this calls up a free and permanent health card for teachers.

Many teachers at present suffered minor or major ailments. Many teachers die at a very young age due to lack of resources. After death, GSIS can’t even compensate what is due to them. Their contributions are gone in a blow. . It is more complicated when they die without reaching the age of retirement. It is very sad to note that the lives of teachers nowadays are easy.

When a teacher die, a new one will take over his/her place. It is a shame that the department can’t even give their teachers a free health assurance. A free and permanent health card for teachers that will ensure their health is in good hands.

Free and permanent health card for teachers will make things lighter for teachers. This will give them assurance that they are well taken cared of. This will help them strive to live longer and healthier than usual. This will make their families be happy and not worry.

This free and permanent health card for teachers will remind teachers to stay fit. This will help them know what ailments are there that need immediate attention. In general, it will lengthen the life of teachers. – Clea | Helpline PH

4 thoughts on “Free and permanent health card for teachers: A massive call for a quick implementation this 2022”

  1. It’s a great help for us just like me I’m suffering from ckd stage five since 2021 and my finances was not suffice to continue my medication with that it would be necessary

  2. Dorothy joy Guimpatan

    Yes really of great help to us pretty sure teachers will be very happy and will be doing their so much pretty well and happy- cause atleast it will lessen their worries on finance and so for them to stay fit and enjoy teaching 😊praying that God will grant our request through you..Godbless

  3. Yes it must be given to teachers..TEACHERS work for so many sleepless night . ..It is not only the time for teaching for 6hours but other time were spend in some other activities like helping the non and struggling readers, for reviewing to pupils and a lot of paper works that burden to the good kind of teaching that should be done…It is not only that….time for the family is also spend in preparing the lessons for the next day act.. ALMOST NO TIME FOR THE FAMILY BECAUSE A LOT OF WORK WERE GIVEN TO THE TEACHERS….EVEN THE MEDICAL ISSUES…so it is truly needed for the teachers to have a health card because teachers are overfatique….

  4. Correct kaya teachers mag isip ng maaga para sa inyong future na magkapension ang maiiwan pag nagpaalam na sa mundong ginagalawan.

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