The creepy beasts’ headless rider in school

The creepy beasts’ headless rider in school

Have you heard that there are unseen living headless riders at your school? Did we refer to them as beasts? Are you worried about all those unidentified headless monsters living in your classrooms? When there are unseen headless monsters roaming around the school, making noises or anything that can be sensed, and making sounds that are so hair-raising that the school becomes eerie. For a variety of reasons, I believe it is natural for an unusual creature to reside in a school because no one lives there at night, on weekends, or during the summer. They convert the structures into their homes. Did you believe those mysterious headless entities harmed you in any way? Maybe it’s simply scaring you, but I doubt you’ve ever felt it if you’re not easily startled. If you don’t believe in unseen headless creatures, who do you suppose is the frightening beast at your school? Is it your principal or the teachers that are the frightened beasts with headless riders? I believe that the way the principal runs the school is the foundation of a great connection. If the principals have no concerns, do not want to be burdened, and take all of their obligations for granted, I believe this action is a huge issue. The personalities of the principals’ characters are more than a terrifying beast.

Why are so many of the principals irresponsible? Do they have any regrets? These principals are polite and approachable, but they aren’t performing well and aren’t providing the best leadership and management for their schools and teachers. They ignored the schools and their responsibilities. Even if they claim that someone else has been assigned to fill their place, placing an officer-in-charge in a school, even if they are not on leave, is a bad idea. Some leaders utilize their positions to pursue other interests, such as business. They didn’t come to school, not even during office hours, because they were there to run their own enterprises. Are the principals fulfilling their responsibilities? The responsibilities of principals are to monitor teachers who are performing their duties. If the principals were usually absent, how could the teachers be monitored? The reason why there is a teacher gap? Because the principals simply delegated their responsibilities to a teacher who was ostensibly seeking a position for power and retribution. As a teacher, a desire for power and rank is not a helpful personality trait to cultivate. Do you have any idea where that desire for power stems from? Envy and jealousy were to blame. Backbiting is the creepiest personality attribute of a teacher who only wants to bring down the teacher who is in the position and doing a good job at his or her job. To destroy the performing teacher’s reputation, the jealous teachers talk to the principal, who is not always around in school, hears nasty remarks from jealous teachers about the performing teachers, and then the principal believes it immediately. Even though the principal already knew the negative personalities of the jealous teachers, he/she still defends unfavorable teachers because he/she believes that if he/she contradicts them, he/she will be accused of failing to perform properly in his/her tasks. As a result, simply by listening to the negative teachers’ talk, he/she eliminates the teacher who is suffering from all of the reports and paper work. He/she believes it is preferable to have a large group of negative teachers who he/she believes would bring him down if he/she did not collaborate with them. To protect himself/herself, he/she has no choice except to join forces with those harmful teachers, and this petition for him should be avoided.

This shows how shady the school’s administration is. Many teachers declare they wish to retire early because they don’t understand how the school principal manages his or her staff. Others look for new jobs in order to escape the chaos caused by the flaming fire at their school. They have no idea who the principal is since many teachers are assuming the role of principal because they expect the principal will entrust his or her responsibilities to them. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Outperforming teachers were making moves only for the purpose of being promoted, despite the fact that throughout the tenure of the previous principal, these groups of teachers were not promoted and were treated as second-class citizens due to their undesirable actions and attitudes. When the new school principal arrives at the new station, the agony begins. A fearful and irresponsible principal who plays it safe is not a good leader. Personal choices are critical for making firm and principled conclusions. These are the qualities that principals show, especially in the presence of negative teachers. Many groups of teachers form when a cowardly principal persists in his or her job. Due to misconceptions and jealously, a group of teachers are arguing with each other, causing mayhem. In this way, both the principal and the teachers are eerie headless horsemen.

Every three years, the Department of Education should encourage strict imposed principals’ rotation for other stations, whether he or she is a resident or not, so that the performing teachers can also have the opportunity to work with a responsible principal like a priest every three years. A rotation should occur every three years. Whether he or she is a political choice or not, this is a must-rotate. Teachers might be motivated to work with good management and leadership. If their head/leader is a headless rider, how can the teachers be motivated to work? Because the teachers’ connection is already strained and exacerbated by the past principal, there are no positive feelings or enthusiasm. It’s time to wake up and take our jobs seriously because God in heaven is always looking over our shoulders to see if we’re doing our jobs religiously. Do what is right in your work and toss out the negative things that blind you to the fact that work requires dedication and time. This type of personality is tarnishing the principal’s image. Many good teachers hope for a principal who possesses attributes such as work focus, achievers, committed, performing, strong leadership and supervision, good management, God-fearing, fairly strict but approachable, project-oriented, and workaholic. If a principal has all these qualities, I think there is no problem. Trust will begin to grow, and teachers will be held accountable for not acting like a principal because there is already a principal who will lead and guide them.

Do you know that the word “karma” means “comeuppance” in English? Those who did not commit to their service would be charged and punished as soon as possible. Employees should work hard because God will reward them for their efforts. Whatever occurs, don’t use your power or position for personal gain. Work hard and God will help you. Don’t infringe on other people’s rights since you’ll soon discover that the people you mistreated have better health and lives than you. So don’t make assumptions about other people’s abilities because life isn’t permanent. You’re going to die soon. Good teachers yearn for a responsible principal who is always available to meet their needs, especially during a pandemic. If you’re a principal, pay attention to all of your teachers’ voices, not just one set. To be fair, everyone will be eligible for promotion, not simply planning types who will influence your decision. When you choose the teacher who wants you to be promoted at random, there is bias. Keep in mind that you will die, and you will pay the price. What you did on earth will be repaid in paradise very shortly. – Doki | Helpline PH