A teachers’ happy heart when former students greets “Happy Teacher’s Day Ma’am/Sir”

A teachers’ happy heart when former students greets “Happy Teacher’s Day Ma’am/Sir”

I wake up and reach out for my cellphone and as I read through three messages that says “Happy Teacher’s Day ma’am”. My heart skips a beat and I am overjoyed reading messages from my former students.

“Happy Teachers’ Day ma’am! is a very short and simple word but it brings joy to the hearts of all teachers out there. Teachers like me have simple happiness in our careers. Seeing our students become successful in life is one great achievement that we hold.

Before the pandemic hits us, it is a custom that we celebrate Teacher’s Day on October 5. On this day, students will offer flowers, letters, and chocolates and entertain their teachers. It will be a whole day filled with fun and mixed emotions as well. This day will tell the teachers that their students loved them.

Recently, we can’t celebrate Teachers’ Day the way it used to be. Teachers are now busy with preparing modules and checking answer sheets of students. Teachers’ Day celebration is forgotten by many and I myself forget it as well. Until our students, our former students who never forget us messaged us. Yes, I only got three messages but it is as if my happiness is overflowing.

It doesn’t matter how many greetings or messages we receive today. For me, as long as I know that these students were the ones who never forget me forever because they cherish me. I may have an impact to them while they are with me that inspired them. I tell you this because one thing is for sure, not all your former students are real and into you.

Some students are only obliged to give you letters because they think it is what other do in common. In short, out of 50 students only a few like 5 of them are your solid supporters (lol). Although this may happen, the most important thing is that you are an instrument of their success.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all my fellow teachers universe-wide. May we continue to foster love and inculcate the youngsters towards the good path. – Clea | Helpline PH