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10 secrets to become a happy teacher

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10 secrets to become a happy teacher

Are you a happy teacher? Do you enjoy the things that are bound with your profession? If yes, you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy the pleasure of teaching without regrets. If you are not, don’t worry because this article will help you find the happiness that you deserve.


A life of a teacher is very interesting and challenging as well. When you become one, you need to have many identities to cope up with the norms in the community. Regardless of everything, teachers should maintain balance and be happy. We should enjoy the perks of life even if the chances are very thin. If you are a teacher reading this, then I know that what I am trying to explain is relatable. So, here are the 10 secrets to become a happy teacher. Thank me later for this.

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10 Secrets to Become A Happy Teacher

1. Never forget to thank God always.

A teacher without a God is meaningless. She will never find happiness without her faith.

2. Always maintain balance between work and personal life.

Avoid overdoing things that may cause stress. If work calls, divide your time. Separate work time from your personal life.

3. Get married and have a family of your own.

A teacher without a family of his/her own is very lonely. The family is the avenue that will make your life more colorful. Life is brighter with the presence of your own family.

4. Rest if your body is telling you to do so.

Work is work and rest is rest. Be mindful of those two words. You need to get proper sleep and rest before you become an efficient and happy teacher. Let your body have its own way of rejuvenating.

5. Avoid negative people, it’s better to be on your own than to be in a toxic group.

In a school, different teachers with different attitudes gather together. Lucky for you if your colleagues are easy-going and warm-hearted. Some teachers have attitudes and they are the ones who spill the most chaos in a group. Avoid these kinds of people in your clique or else you won’t be happy.

6. Don’t think too much of promotions, it will kill you.

This secret is very helpful especially for those aspiring for promotions. Promotion is only a word yet many teachers are fighting their way to be on top. Promotion means additional job and seminars and ancillary assignments. Not to mention is the STRESS it gives when you get promoted. Yes, the salary gets high but is it what you need? Salary can’t compensate your body if you get sick because of promotion. Promotion can give you illnesses and can kill sometimes. Stay contented with your current status and chill.

7. Never complain, never explain. All is gift, all is plain.

Complaints will never help you with your problems. Back biting your co-teachers and complaining will not help your school. Better do your job without any complaints.

8. Balance your finances and be content.

Teachers have loans from here and there. Balance is the key to help you get motivated. Don’t try to get things that are still not reachable.

9. Find many of your comfort zones and dance your stress away.

Comfort zones are important to relieve the stress from work. May it be movies, strolling, hanging out with friends and many others. Teachers need many outlets to live life to the fullest.

10. Be happy, be humble and be patient.

To be happy, a teacher must be humble all the times and must be patient in everything.

A happy teacher means simplicity and contentment in everything. Whether life will be tough sometimes, as long as you know how to carry your burden, it will be easy. Family and special friends are of big help to achieve this to the fullest. – Avril | Helpline PH